Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Review!

Not much has been happening recently, as I am sure you have all noticed the complete lack of blogging on my part. Nevertheless, I have managed to find a restaurant at which is worth eating, and which is worth actually reviewing since I haven't been to this restaurant before, nor had I really noticed it was in existence until a few weeks ago when I went.

As we walked out of the restaurant, I heard a woman, who was passing by, tell her friend that this restaurant was not good and to never, ever go there. I have to disagree completely, as I thought it was a very nice, fresh change from the usual Chinese crap that is out there these days. One thing that grabbed my attention right away was the dish descriptions on the menu. Some places have a very generic description that barely gives you an idea of what you are ordering. These descriptions were brief, yet informative enough to let me know what I would be getting myself into if I decided to order this dish.

The prices were very reasonable considering its location, and the amount of food you receive. Most lunches were just under $8, and they are served with egg rolls, soup of the day (this day was the egg drop soup), fried wontons, and your choice of fried or steamed rice. By the time the actual entrees came, we were already pleasantly satisfied. The food came out very quickly, and the portions were large enough to have leftovers (if you like to have leftovers) for the following day.

I ordered the General Tso's chicken. Most everywhere I have been, has this particular dish in the deep fried format. Shoots had the chicken grilled and then sauteed in the special sauce that I love so much! My favorite Chinese buffet did away with this on the menu, so knowing of another place to get it, that is even healthier than the original, was happiness in the world in which I live.

The only negative things I noticed was that the water glasses were slow to be refilled, the bill was quite slow in getting to us once we were finished eating, and then quite slow in returning it to us. The restaurant appears to be all family run and operated, so I am sure the wait staff/owner's wife and daughter had other tables to attend to, but these are just "must haves" in my book.

I reccomend this restaurant to all who like chinese food, and especially to those who aren't always down with the always fried shrimp, chicken, and pork dishes that so often accompany this type of cuisine. The website advertises that all of the food is made fresh to order, and not sitting under a heat lamp to order. That's a good way to get me interested at least. For dinner they have a "mix and match" type of entree which I thought would be worth checking out. You get a choice of starch, three choices of vegetables, and one choice of meat (or something along those lines. All of it freshly stir-fried when you order.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Baby Boston

Nephew #3 has finally arrived!!!! After weeks of labor pains/contractions, Lauren delivered baby Boston yesterday afternoon!!! I am so ticked that I can't see him in person for three more weeks. I tried to pull the guilt card with Brady, in saying that if I had thousands of dollars at my disposal, I would fly him out to see me. Nice try huh!!!

Brady's response was, "Don't worry, we'll be home in a few weeks!"

HOW RUDE!!! My parents told me I couldn't fly out to VA. with them this weekend because I had to watch the shop! JERKS! I am just being shot down right and left here!

Anyway, Brady thought that this kid was gonna shoot right out for some reason, but it took about 11 hours instead! It's no wonder though, when you see how big he is!

August 8, 2007

9 lbs. 8 oz. 22" long

Check out Brady and Lauren's site to see a couple of cute videos they've uploaded!!!