Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mexico Here I Come!!!

I thought this day would never come! For the last four or so months, I have known I was going on a cruise, but time seemed to move so slowly!!! At long last, my cruise vacation is about to begin. My friends and I will drive to San Diego, California tonight, play all day at Sea World on Thursday, and play for half a day doing who cares what on Friday. We will then board the ship, and from then on I will be praying (and so should you) that I will not be blowing chunks for the two days at sea before we ever reach the shores of Mexico.

Acapulco's weather forecast calls for high 80's, and you had better "keep your cake out of the sun" type weather. With that said, I just want to let you all know, that I will be thinking of you often. Especially when I am laying on the warm beaches of old Mexico, while you all are laying on your freezing cold couches bundled up in blankets, while it is 10 degrees outside, because you are stuck in this frozen arctic valley that is Utah!!!

I will post pictures, and an overall summary of my warm, fabulous, and much needed vacation when I get back the first week in February! Love ya all, mean it!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

More Goals...

I figured today of all days was an extra appropriate and good day to set some more goals. I have reached yet another year closer to that very bad day that mjillie and I decided today was going to give me a coronary. I realize I really do have things that I want to have accomplished in my life just in case that coronary actually does come 366 days from now (it is a leap year). I promised Kristen that I would for sure put this first one on my list, so my friend, that one is for you!!!
  1. More Posts, More Often-I go through these phases of ginormously long posts, and then no posts. Another ginormously long post apologizing for being a bad girl, and promise to be better without any change. With or without anything profound to say, I WILL be better.
  2. Being Debt Free-I almost have my car paid off, I have some student loans still, and I have a little bit of credit card debt (mostly from school). I hate seeing my money go down the tubes. I waste a lot with my own habits, don't get me wrong, I would just love to know what it feels like (for what will probably be the only time the rest of my life this will happen) to not have most of my paycheck every month sent to a thousand different places. I would actually like to have a savings account with more money in it than the required minimum. In my last post, I mentioned eating out less. I feel this will help me a tiny bit with my financial frenzy. I know it isn't the cure all, nor is there a cure all by any means. I will be smarter about my habits, but not so strict that I can't have fun.
  3. Learn a New Trick/Hobby-I know that Jaime and Shameonyou21 are licking their chops right now hoping they mean scrapbooking of some sort. While that is a possibility, I may want to try something new. I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar, even though I have no sense of rhythm or musical ability. Heck, it could even just be something as dumb as a card trick! Obviously, I hope it might be more than that, but I want to try and better myself in any way possible. I would love some ideas on this as well!
  4. Have Fun, and Laugh A Lot-My cruise is something that is getting me off on the right foot. Who knows if I will ever go on another cruise ever again in my life, who knows if I will even like it. All I know is that I am hoping this turns into one of those once in a lifetime vacations, that I will never forget. (It better with what it is costing me to go, that's for dang sure!) I have good friends, and we have had great times together. I love those times! This will only happen obviously if I don't lose touch with those I love. I promise to do all those things I love to do, and hopefully enjoy doing them with my good friends. Such things include games, movies, dinner, kicking either Kristeee's trash, or Birdees's trash at deathball, and cooking/baking for and with you all. Shameonyou21 and I occasionally get together for a fun night of making dinner, but she usually just goes behind me cleaning up my spills/messes all over. She comes up with new ideas (or even the old ones), and we help each other figure out how best to accomplish the meal successfully, with the least amount of food all over her stove or floor. It's a win win situation really! Even if it is piling a plate for Randoval a mile high with spaghetti enough for five! Road trips, or veg out times, or even getting a cold beverage in the summer, or getting a hot chocolate in the winter to simply have a free minute to catch up. I just don't want it miss out on even the dumb things that may not mean a lot at the time, but looking back and laughing and loving those times we spent I hope will stay with me forever!
  5. Be More Spiritual-I am not going to elaborate too much on this, because I feel it is pretty self explanatory. It is the little things in this area that I find myself slipping in, and therefore not feeling as I think I should. The daily habits that are so hard to form, yet so easily broken must become more of a routine, or it will never work.
At the close of this "special" day in my 20th-something year, I'd like to say thanks to all the little people that have kept me going. Especially when I have my fun little ski-breaks like smacking myself in the face with my deathball racket! Maybe I need more help than is actually humanly possible afterall!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Years Resolutions

I have come to terms with something that may come as a big shock to all of you...I am not perfect ::big sigh:: I know, I know, pick yourselves up from your fallen state of shock and get over it!

I have been contemplating my life as of late. Not that I am dying, or plan to by any means, I guess as the holidays drew nearer (and then ended), my money stash under my mattress dwindling into dust bunnies, and work sucking (with some of the customers needing a good shovel to the side of their heads), I've
decided to set some goals for myself with ways I will be able to reach them and measure them. I haven't decided yet whether or not to put them in my sidebar. I guess if you guys think they are OK, and worthy of such an honor, I will!

I will post a couple of goals a day until I feel they are all here, so you don't end up with one of my famous novel posts! Here the first couple. Keep in mind these are in no particular order...
  1. Lose 10 More Pounds: I know that 65 is already a lot, but call me greedy, I would like to get down to my ideal weight being this close. Ways to accomplish this particular goal would include an actual gym attendance/work out regime. I am currently a member of a certain large, well known gym in the area, I just actually need to go! Also, after spending almost two years paying Weight Watchers to lose weight, I think I have some of the eating tools to be able to help me accomplish this. I will start writing things down again, and paying closer attention to my point values. I did not come this close to gain it all back again (STUPID HOLIDAYS). Eating out every night must stop also. It will become more of a reward to myself for a week well done, or for special occasions such as nights out with you folk!
  2. Keep in Better Contact with those I Love: I have some good friends. Some I see and speak with on a regular basis, some I see and speak with every blue moon, and some I haven't seen or spoken in a very long time because of a geographical location or otherwise. I would still like to keep their friendship and keep in good contact.