Monday, September 24, 2007

Happiness & Drooving

Saturday was Shameonyou21's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! As for her age...let's just say she is about 15 weeks, and 4 days OLDER than I am! Man she's old!!! Her computer is down at the moment, so I can get away with saying that for a little bit anyway! As soon as she gets a new one, and logs on to see how my posting is coming, I will be dead, and my posts will cease!

Anyway, we went to Black Angus in Fort Union for the birthday dinner. Out of the ten or so people in our party, three of us did not have anything to drink. Because of that, dinner got extra happy toward the end with everyone telling us of their favorite drunk stories! Most of them were about our friend Krissy, bur Shameonyou21 and Randoval had a few of their own to add! Randoval made up his mind from the beginning that he wanted to drink...A LOT... and Shameonyou21 wanted to celebrate her birthday with a couple of fruity square cow somethings.

DiDi, and I were two of the sober ones at the table, and we rode up with Shameonyou21 and Randoval to the restaurant, so they said it was up to us to decide who was the designated driver between us. DiDi was very anti touching this "baby" of a vehicle, so the lot fell upon me, even though I didn't want to either. What else could I do though. Randoval was really happy, and Shameonyou21 said she was fine, and could DROOVE us home! Tons of RED FLAGS popped up all over the table, so I took it upon me to suck it up and just do it (like Nike tells me to do), cause there was no way I was letting either of them droove us home.

We made it fine, no big giant metors came flying out of the sky like I had feared, but let's just say that it was pretty much the worst experience EVER! Everyone was yelling at each other to shut up and let me drive, but the very next second someone was trying to tell me where to go and what to do. I yelled at them a few times, they snapped back, it was so much fun!

One of the highlights of the ride home was when we found a Pie Pizzaria in the same parking lot. Same fantastic restaurant, closer location. What's not to love? Anyone up for some pizza in about three weeks (when I hit my lifer status and have a month to work it off)?

Now if only I could get Mjillie to come down and play. Her birthday was last Sunday, so she is about 16weeks and 4 days OLDER than I am. Man, she's old too!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


For those of you who do not understand the Croatian language, the title of this post will not make any sense to you...I used this title because using the phrase, "Everything, Anything, Whatever, However, Whenever, and Who Cares" just doesn't seem to give it justice. If you really want to know how to pronounce the word though, and even if you don't...SVAH-SH-TUH.

Anyway, this post is going to (try) and make-up for the last month of happenings and goings on in my life since I haven't been on blogger to write about any of it. Be prepared for ski-breaks, babies, food, work, friends, basketball referee junk, my W.W. experiences, family, church, roommates, etc.

Get it, Sit back, and Shut up....(OK not really, cause I really want you to comment). Where should we begin...Family sounds good, cause they are an important thing right!

My brother is still living in Japan, but doesn't like the style of baseball they play over there. It's a whole different game than the "American Pastime" we play here in the states. His wife and two boys came home on Tuesday for the rest of the year, so that was exciting for us at least. Mitch will be home when his team is finished with the playoffs over there. Let's all root for the team playing AGAINST the Nippon Ham Fighters, so he can come home too! Those boys though are so big. Cooper is a monster, and Easton is so tall!!!

You are all aware now, both of my younger siblings have children now. Kinda frightens me sometimes to think of at least one of them as a parent...we'll see how they do! My momma has all four of her grandkids close to home now, so I probably don't need to tell you how happy she is!!!

Let's just summarize the rest of these like this:
  • I have been contemplating trying to make things right (even though I wasn't really the one who pushed away) from a good friend. This person moved away, dropped off the face of the earth, sort of resurfaced, moved back, dropped off the face of the earth again, I said some things to someone out of frustration to someone else who then in turn most likely went to this friend and told her what I had said. I am the kind of person who likes everyone to get along, and even though I get the attitude of "who cares, they dug their own grave, I'm through trying, its too hard" I have been feeling the need to apologize for the things I said, which may or may not have gotten back to her, and try to at least clear my conscience with things. Any thoughts?
  • A good friend of mine lost his son in a tragic car accident a few weeks ago...two weeks before his 17th birthday. I didn't know how to help, even though I knew their wasn't much I could really do. He is dating one of my best friends, Shameonyou21 so that's how I know him. I think I have actually mentioned him before on my blog...I believe I referred to him as Randoval. What I ended up doing was making everything and anything they asked for, or had been asking me to make for the last while now. I even made stuff for the ex-wife, and husband, and other son!!! I guess not everything because Shameonyou21 DIDN'T ASK for the cream puffs. I didn't know Kiefer that well, but the few times I was over, and he was there, he was a fun, energetic, and outgoing kid with an infectious laugh. Like I said, I didn't know him that well, but I couldn't help tease him right along with everyone else! Maggie Moo's ice cream will never be the same (we used to give him and his brother, and friends money so they would have something to do, and they would bring us back ice cream)!
  • I am on my 5th roommate since May. Two have already been married, the third is getting married in October, the fourth is a little piggy mess sty, and the fifth is really cool. PHEW! I would have shot myself dead, (or just opted out of my contract for the next year) if I had a weirdo move in. I would have been surrounded, and probably would be afraid to contract some form of disease because of Messy Bessy. My ward is really really young, but I am hoping I can weed out the babes, and find some real men (which I am hoping is a feasible goal). For now, I am happy, trying not to strangle someone, and actually reading a book. I am in the 5th chapter of Twilight, thanks to HeidiVN, and my roommate Nat.
  • Ski breaks have been so very many, that I can't remember them all...If I was with you and had one, or I told you about one that is not listed...feel free to remind me how dumb I can be!!! There are only a few that are so bad that jump out right at me off hand. The first one is, while walking to work one morning, I was a good 2/3 of the way to work when I noticed my zipper was down, and had been down the ENTIRE time. What made it worse was it happened during the time that buses are bringing the kids to school. Since I was around 800 N. and Freedom Blvd. (a very busy road) I couldn't just up and fix it...lots and lots of people driving by, and kids in school buses...they wouldn't stop coming though so it lasted another however long, but it felt like an eternity before I could do anything about it
  • The last thing I wanted to mention, (I promise it will just be a mention) I hit my w.w. goal, and I am three weeks into my six week maintenance period. After those 6 are up, and I am hopefully, no more than 2 pounds above my goal weight, I get be a lifetime member, and not have to pay them a dime ever again, r at least as long as I maintain my weight. I don't ever wanna be where I was again, or feeling the way I felt...I like having brand new size 10 pants feel baggy...sort of (I am not made of money...I can't keep buying new clothes every time I turn around)!!!
Thanks for indulging me in my last month's worth of journey's/ non-adventures. I promise I will be better at my slacking off Blogging Posts!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brooklynn Belnap
August 27, 2007
6 pounds 13 ounces
19.5 inches long