Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm Homeless!!!

Ok, so I am not really actually homeless, but I feel like it because my sissy dropped a bomb shell on me and gave me a matter of hours to move out of her apartment. JERK! Just kidding! I just had to move home and didn't really want to! I guess it is good, cause now I have my parents' neighbor, who is a real estate agent, giving me a listing of good places to check out. I can take my time and not stress about hurrying to get into a place before I got kicked out. All a matter of perspective I guess!

Now that I finally got my internship registered, I have some evaluations I must complete and turn into the Culinary Arts Department, so I can actually graduate. Among them is a little checklist evaluation which my boss will use to rate my performance. I know I should get a good evaluation from him, but he is the biggest idiot, and who knows what he will actually do. If it turns out to be negative for some strange reason, I will go over his head to the Assistant General Manager of the team, and make her do it instead!

The other two papers are for me to rate my experience over all. The following is one of those sheets with how I really feel like answering the questions. Any suggestions on how to make them sound better, and more official and positive would be greatly appreciated since I have kind of an irritated feeling in my stomach every time I think about going to work for this guy. Only two more weeks of this horrid job!!!

"How could your internship have been more valuable to you?"
- My boss could've been someone other than the dink that he is.

"What were the benefits/advantages to interning at this site?"
- I got to meet some pretty cool people who helped me endure this experience. Too bad one of them up and moved to Las Vegas, now I don't know what I am going to do!

"Provide suggestions for interns that may want to select this site."
-Run! Run away as far and as fast as you can!

"Provide suggestions for the internship program."
-Keep all interns away from this man. He is the psycho of the world.

"Other comments."
-Please let me graduate, I endured the summer from Hell!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I am Officially an Intern!!!

Ok, so technically this last stint of summer classes end last Friday the 11th. Today, I finally and officially got registered for this internship I have been stressing over. For those who don't know or haven't heard the long drawn-out saga that has been my summer; sit down, shut-up and hold on for what will be a bumpy ride.

Most know about my "pastry internship" that turned into me being the official brownie and rice crispie maker, and pre-made cookie arranger for kids' pizza parties. After two weeks, I decided that I was better than that...turns out maybe I could have stuck it out, at least I would have had stuff taken care of sooner rather than now. Anyway, as soon as I come home I inform the powers that be in my program that it didn't work out down in Lake Powell and that I was searching for another way to complete it.

A couple of mis-communications happened with one potential job a of couple weeks after I came home, but then I got a job working with the Orem Owlz Minor League Baseball Team. I immediately filled out new paperwork to get registered for the internship credit hours through the school, but neither the Department Advisor, nor the Department Chair (or the Head Chef) were in when I tried. I finally caught the Advisor in her office, and gave her the paperwork and she said she would pass it on for approval, but the Chef was out of town until the following week.

To make a long story probably even longer (just kidding), I then started calling to check back to see if it had been approved and if I could register for the credits yet. I tried back for about a month with no luck in getting either person to either answer their phone in their office, or return any messages left on voice mail or respond to any e-mails I left. Yeah, total lack of professionalism on their part, and it started to irritate me like no other. I finally got a phone call back after I had been calling leaving messages everyday for about a week for the Advisor. She then tells me I am cleared to go ahead and register. I was so excited, I ran over to my parents house to use the internet and register for this dang class so I might actually be able to graduate.

Of course, things go from looking optimistic and hopeful to worried and even more irritated that this thing is never going to happen. The dates of the "internship class" were over in May, and I couldn't register. Thinking that my Advisor can surely override that minor detail, I immediately call her back. She is of course not answering her phone. The weekend goes by and I call her again Monday morning and amazingly, she answers. She tells me she can't do anything about it. She will send an e-mail to the registrars office and see what can be done. This was the middle of July at this point.

I give her a few days, and try her back. No answer. Tried again...many times. No answer again, and again and again. Finally this morning I am gettting fed up with everything and I call her again, and she answers! YEAH! HALLEJUIAH! IT'S A MIRACLE!

She says to me: "Oh I haven't heard from them yet, let me see what I can do, I will call you back."

I am thinking to myself "Yeah right she will call back." She did, and I finally am registered!!!! GLORY DAY!!! Remember above when I said that the 11th was the last day of the summer semester? And today is the 17th? Isn't there something a little fishy about that? I don't care, I am an intern, and now the only sucky part left is number one, paying the tutition, and number two, growing up and having to go get a real people job!!!

SCARY THOUGHT: Me a grown up? Not a chance!