Friday, January 23, 2009

Thirty, Flirty, But Definitely NOT Thriving

Have I mentioned to anyone yet that being 30 sucks so far?  I have been sick for almost exactly 3 weeks straight now!  I remember it all started on a Monday, and I woke up with a scratchy throat.  Well the sore throat came and went but then developed into a major head cold.  That started clearing up until the sore throat came back with a vengeance (all within a week's time)!  
I spent my birthday just a little achy but I could feel it was getting worse.  Sunday, I couldn't make myself even go to church, but the more I got up and showered I felt well enough to go have birthday dinner with my family.  Monday was the last straw.  I stole the batteries out of my roommate's remote (AAA) to use in her flashlight to check the redness of my throat.  I thought it was strep, so after learning my Doctor was booked for the day, I forced myself to go to the InstaCare facility nearby.  

After the strep test came back negative, the Dr. told me it was probably a secondary infection caused by whatever infection initially caused my head cold.  I was given an antibiotic "Z-Pack" which cleared up the sore throat and sinus issues pretty well.  

All last week I had this little hack that continued to get worse and worse as the week progressed.  I went and bought some Robitussen cough syrup but after spending this past Tueday night (almost ALL night) hacking so hard I wanted to puke, I thought it was time to visit the Dr. again.  By this time I had been on Nyquil/Dayquil for sinuses, Antibiotics, Nyquil (but the regular syrup this time), and Robitussen.  I am still getting more sick.  How is that possible??!!

Again, my Dr. was booked but at least an associate in the same office was available.  After an hour and a half wait in the waiting room, the Dr. listens to my lungs, and asks me a bunch of questions (beyond the ones the nurse asked me before he got there).  He tells me he isn't liking how my breathing/lungs sounds so he wanted to get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia.  X-ray tech was out to lunch!  He decided that instead of making me wait or come back, that an  x-ray probably wasn't 100% necessary, unless I wanted it.  How do I know if I want it or not, I am not the Dr. that's why I am here!  

I told him it was his call cause I just want this sickness gone!  3 sicknesses in 2.5 weeks.  I will do whatever it takes!  I didn't have the x-ray, but got two new prescriptions for stronger antibiotics, and cough syrup (w/codine).  So, with my high deductible it came to $150.  The pharmacist warned me before filling it, and asked what I wanted to do. 

Let's see, not get better because you are a cheapo, and really end up with a full blown form of pneumonia and be in the hospital for who knows how long--which would only cost a freakishly tiny bit more than the medicine would.  I opted for the medicine cause I am tired of spending the entire month of January wishing I could trade in my immune system for a better one!  I have to go back in a week if I am still not 100% better, so all I have to say is, 


I hardly ever get sick, and this one definitely takes the cake for the worst one in forever.  I didn't really have another choice, so hopefully February (and let's hope the last week of January too) goes MUCH better! 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Cartoons

One of my favorite cartoons from this website today. Was it just me, or was the inauguration a tad bit of a let-down? I mean, its great that we have overcome such issues as race, etc. but how big of a deal do we have to make about the guy's race for crying out loud?!

I don't get too much into politics, but I have been kinda bugged by hearing every two seconds about how much this thing IS about race ever since the election. Even though the point, in my opinion, is supposed to be that we have come so far as a nation to overlook the color of a man's skin, and freedom and justice for all men. Ever since the election it has been about nothing but Obama's skin color! Don't get me wrong, I agree that history has been made, and that we really have come far as a nation. I just wish that more could be focused on him and his qualifications, what he is going to do to keep us safe from terrorists, or help rebound our economy without putting us further into a problem.

I am excited for changes, and I am excited for freshness--even though he wasn't my first choice for President. Let's hope that expectations aren't so high that Obama is looked at as a "God." It's easy to say changes need to be made coming into the situation from an outside perspective. It's another to actually do it! Drop the race card and get on with business!

Friday, January 16, 2009

"Thirty, Flirty and Thriving!"

So, I know I am only 4 years too late on this movie, but tonight was an "eventful" evening. I went to dinner with Idyllic Ideas and my roommate Nats. After that typical, obnoxious wait staff/service experience, we decided to come back to my house and watch a movie.

I received this DVD in a gift basket from some friends along with some other items to help me feel young. Coloring book and crayons, slippers, and Razzles candy. "First it's candy, then it's gum!" I don't even remember the last time I had these. Couldn't even remember why they are still around since they pretty much taste like butt!

Anyway, I watched this for the very first time, and finally understood some of the quotes that have floated around for the last four years. I don't know why I never saw the movie to tell you the truth. Just missed it somehow. It was probably during school when I felt I didn't have time to breath, let alone watch a "teeny bopper movie!" It is definately one for the collection for those times you need a blast from the past pick me up!

"Eminem is on the phone and he wants an answer PLAIN!"

Gotta love karma in it also. The "cool kids" turn out ugly, and the "dorks" turn out pretty cute. Go Mark Ruffalo! Maybe I should start lying about my age now.

"I'm 13...If you are going to start lying about your age, I would stick to 27!"

I could pass for that yeah? I don't know that I want to start claiming I am no longer in my 20's!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Am Getting All Domesticated!

Sorry I have been MIA the last few weeks.  My body knew it was getting old, so it decided it wanted to catch the worst cold I can remember getting in a very long time!  I am finally back, so stay tuned for a lot more posts!  
Between Christmas and turning a really ripe old age, I am finally starting to get all domesticated!  It all began long ago...just kidding...a couple of years ago I got my very first Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I thought I scored big time back then, let me tell you!  Then for my birthday last year I got an angled liquid measuring cup.  That way you don't have to crouch down to eye level to see how much liquid you poured into the cup.   Trust me, it's cool, you just think you are too cool for the measuring cup!

 This Christmas I got my very first shower curtain and set of towels.  Not to mention my stainless steel cookware with utensils to actually be able to cook!

As the day of old age came and went, I got my very first down
which was SO VERY needed!  It was one of those things  that you just don't think of to ask for.  At least I didn't.  I guess I complained too much about being cold all the time or something!  

Next, since I didn't get opportunity to create my wish list, I got a gift card to a very helpful store--Target.  One night as my roommate Nats and I were making ourselves grilled chicken salads for dinner, I realized how much I have grown to dislike soggy, wet lettuce.  You know even though you drain out what water is left after washing said lettuce, it is still very damp and
 soggy.  Unless you plan on eating the leftover lettuce in a salad for breakfast the next morning,
 the gross brown spots have already begun to form.  Forget it!  

I discovered this handy little contraption while in school, a salad spinner, but didn't think to buy myself one until this gift card presented itself!  I even forced my mother to buy one about a year ago despite her thinking she didn't need or want one!  How messed up is that?  Trust me, once you use one, you will never go back to soggy, watery lettuce again!

Lastly, the main reason for thinking I am becoming all domesticated, is this last present I got.  My very own, very first,
 crock pot!  I always borrowed my Mom's whenever I decided to make something in a crock pot.  That happened only once, twice at the most, because it was a pain to haul the thing back and forth all the time!  It is 6qts. so even though I won't come close to even filling it all the way up for just my roommate and I, there is always the occasional dinner party!!! (hint hint)

Now that I am acquiring more "stuff" let's hope my landlord doesn't decide to sell the place to someone who will not continue to rent it out so I don't have to find a way to move it all somewhere else!!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Christmas

Some--not all--of my Christmas Presents...(in no particular order)
All ten seasons in this one little box. It also came with a triva book. My sissy and I quizzed each other all Christmas morning and then died laughing at each question!

The first season. Nats got me addicted to it in like season 5, so I have been recording the old re-runs on the soap channel while I run on the treadmill at my parents house! I was always asking her questions, so she finally figured I needed to start from the beginning. Go Figure!

Both sweats are supposed be black. My sissy Megs gave me these, and I wear them all the time they are so comfy!

I love me some Gap lotions. This is a new kind I guess but I love it!
I have wanted these for a very long time. All it took was me ordering them and telling my Mom and Dad to go get it. If I would have known that, I would have ordered them a couple of years ago!

Hot pads, and towels to match. I guess it's a good idea I start wearing an apron when I cook anyway seeing how I always end up with crap all over myself (among other places as well) in the process!

What is some nice cookware without any utensils to use with it?! I am kinda excited for the potato masher...even though I don't know what I am going to use it for...I usually just use my kitchen aid to make smashers!

Serious food lovers is right! How perfect is the name! Gotta remember that site for next time I need a perfect present for someone!

Again, what good are pans without the essentials to back it up? I am always calling my Mammy for certain recipes out of this book. Guess she got tired of it! I went through it page by page Christmas Day. How sad is that?!

Shamelessly wasn't too thrilled with my blue liner purchase not long after I switched into the bigger room with my own bathroom. I have never been one with the "eye for decorating" like her or most other people. I thought I did a fabulous job of organizing the towels all by myself don't you?!

Digital Picture Frame Keychain...Shamelessly put some very momentous pics on there to start, and then thought I could show off my nieces and nephews in the process since I usually have them all over my phone anyway!