Wednesday, December 10, 2008

100 Miles & Counting

Some of you may know that I participate in a little challenge with my friend Mjillie and her family. I bought a pair of Nike Shox shoes, and an adapter that goes into the sole of the shoe and transmits information to my iPod Nano. It keeps track of distance, speed, calories, and time among other things. (That is what that little counter thing is off the right of my blog).

Anyway, there are all sorts of things you can do through the Nike Plus website and one of them is participating in challenges with others who have the same nifty little device (friends and or strangers). Mjillie and her family are the only ones I know of that actually have this, and they are nice enough to let me play with them! Not much is at stake for the winners of our challenges, other than the satisfaction of knowing you won. Maybe that will change in another challenge, but for now, Mjillie and I are teamed up to be the first team to reach 200 miles from the time the challenge started (almost a month ago). So far we are ahead, but her sissy, and sis-in-law are gaining ground fast too. It will be fun to try and kick some trash if nothing else! The information gets transmitted automatically through iTunes, so there is no way you can cheat and pad your miles!

From the time I bought the shoes and the adapter (in September), the challenges have mainly helped motivate me to get going, my iPod has kept a continuous count of my total miles. I just wanted to brag that I have just reached the 100 Miles mark!!!