Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Halloween & B-Day!

By the way, B-Day does not stand for BIRTHday. It is a different event entirely that has now become a holiday with my sissy and I. This event happened one year ago this past Sunday on the 26th. We decided that from that time forward, Oct. 26th would be known as B-Day! Most of you should know what that event was, so you can figure it out pretty easily! My sissy doesn't want to remember it, but I do, and it was kinda fun to tease her about it! Being that it was on a Sunday, not much celebrating happened, but who says the celebration can't happen a few days later (like five or six even)!

Anyway, to celebrate Halloween, Jamz and I went to get a pedicure. My roommate Nats found this girl out in Spanish Fork, UT that specializes in Nail Art. She is a Certified Esthetician, so she can give you facials, and all that comes with it, but she will draw anything you want on your toes for like $10! It is not a full on pedicure (although for only $28 she will give you a pedicure too), it is more like just a polish change and design. She has all sorts of different designs, for the different holidays in a binder to choose from, or she said that some people bring in scrapbook paper and she will copy it. Amazing this girl is I tell you!

Mine and Jamz's toes all decorated for the season! (Left pic: Witch on broom
w/ghost in corner, bat, jacko-lantern, ghost, googly eyes. Right pic: Dead tree,
bat flying in the night moon, stripes with googly eyes, stitches, Halloween polka dots)

I do have a couple of restaurant reviews to add, but I will wait for another post to do so. Who is doing what to celebrate the holiday this weekend? I am trying to avoid a dumb ward party, so if someone is up for doing something fun...LEMMENO!