Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Haven't Fallen Off The Bandwagon Yet!

I know what you are all thinking...I post two in a row, and then go AWOL again like usual! I promise I had some good excuses this time! My lovely Dell (bad brand, bad) decided the battery charger port thing (the place where your power cord plugs into the computer to charge the battery) decided it wanted to break off it's mother board, and then in the meantime, my work computers are going bonkers too! Nothing with which to waste time at home, and not daring to waste time on the only computer at work that doesn't seem to be freaking out at the present time. See! No bandwagon falling here!

What is it with that?! Thanks to Kristeee's husband Blue Eyes, both computers are up and running again. I feel bad, like I'm totally using him lately or something because he's fixed my dell twice (among the others who've also played with it too), and then I give him the work computer to deal with! He must think I'm the...well...I dunno...but he's probably sick of me!

Anyway, hopefully we won't have any more major meltdowns (knocking on wood). I don't want to have to go AWOL again...really, I don't (last time maybe, this time I really don't)! No promises though, because even though Blue Eyes soldered the part back on, a couple of prongs were broken off so who knows how long that will last even tough I am basically treating it like a desktop from now on!