Monday, December 31, 2007

Holiday Happenings

I have been a very bad girl. Bad me, bad! Anyway, just before Christmas my family all traveled to Las Vegas for the BYU vs UCLA Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl (a football game). My cousin obtained about 40 tickets in the main endzone section of the UNLV football stadium. All of them were taken up by family and friends. I think including the kids, there were about 27ish family members at the game who traveled from various places in Utah and Nevada. Despite the cold weather, and the near loss by my BYU Cougars, we had a ton of fun...

After we got home (no thanks to two hour flight delays, but better than driving in black ice conditions on I-15), all of my siblings happened to stay over at my parents house on Christmas Eve. We had a huge dinner consisting of Tenderloin Steaks, Salmon, Shrimp, Crab Dip, 7 Layer Dip, Clam Chowder and a Veggie Tray (it was ALMOST as huge as the dinner they have for the Super Bowl...[another football game, only on a professional level])!!! We opened pajamas, and woke up early thanks to two crying babies, two young boys excited for Santa, and my sissy flopping around on the air mattress!

Thanks to the many service men and women for this!!! It covered the entire field!!!

Brooklynn was SO bundled up, she couldn't even move her arms!

Baby Brooklynn (left) and Baby Boston (right)

Baby Boston helping Grandpa open his present!

Cooper and Easton got Matching Cars Pajamas. They couldn't wait to open the tent/sleeping bags that went with them either!

Hope all your Holidays went well...I promise to post more often in 2008!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sesame Street May Not Be Suitable For Children

This world is getting more and more retarded. Or maybe I should say to hell with all of the stupid people that go out of their way to ruin things for everyone else!!! I don't normally post about such "controversial issues" but with this I couldn't help myself. The earlier episodes of Sesame Street are now coming with a warning label on the package that the episodes may not be suitable for children. Adults Only...LAME!!! I love how this first article ends. There wasn't, nor is there anything (other than the newer, more politically correct episodes maybe) with this television show!!! Get a life people!

The Results

Sorry about the delay on getting you all the results of the Gingerbread House Competition. I spent Thanksgiving weekend at the Folks' and with all the festivities, I simply forgot about it!!! Anyhow, yesterday I went to lunch with Shameonyou21, and she yelled at me for not getting it done yet, so I figured I had better do it quick before she decides to deflate my tires while I sleep or something (although she still doesn't entirely know where I live)!

The results according to the neighbor lady were as follows:

First Place-House #3. She liked the Cinnamon Bears roasting marshmallows on the fire pit, and the loved how the burnt gingerbread looked like stucco. She also gave them props cause it was twice as big as everyone else's, and they made their gingerbread from scratch instead of using a kit like everyone else. This house belonged to my sissy EK and her hubby Tater Tot (the construction worker just like Shameonyou21 thought).

Second Place-House #1. She wanted to disqualify them for the use of the illegal fake snow stuff and the plastic reindeer, but when they whined about not hearing the rules, she let it slide cause she liked the reindeer poop, and the candy cane fence. This house was the genius of my older brother Mitch, his wife Tavi, my nephew Easton, and my daddy Calvie. Easton threw a fit about how they HAD TO HAVE a fire pit too, cause Ericka and Taylor had one! There was some arguing with me and my dad over the Peeps Snowmen, and the Peeps Trees cause we both bought them, and he couldn't find his, so he accused me of stealing his and putting them in my stash. He even pulled his receipt out to "prove" to me that he bought them. I told you that us Joneses get a little too competitive for our own good sometimes!

Third Place-House #2. The lady gave the lower placed houses "other prizes" too. This one got the award for "Most Traditional." She said she felt like she was "there" or something like that. Liked the brickwork, the icicles, and the DumDums for light polls. The pretzel fence was a last minute throw together. This was MY house, and MY house ALONE! My momma helped me put up the fence and the Nerds walkway though cause everyone else was finished and mad they had to wait for me to finish. GOOD GRIEF, it wasn't as if I had a partner to work with, or four people helping me like others did!!! Anyway, thanks to all of you for your love on this one!

Fourth Place-House #5. This house got the award for "Most Original." She loved the Cinnamon Toast Crunch shingles, and the Tootsie Roll fence. Grandpa Keetch gave them the idea of the Hersey's Kiss out of the chimney...BRILLIANT! You can't really tell, but they have the log cabin theme going on the sides too. Good thing I didn't have time to make my own gingerbread logs for my cabin, or that would have been embarrassing! This house was the handy work of my little sissy Megs and her bff Gage.

Fifth Place-House #4. Aside from my older brother who is "Mister Trash Talk" everyone of us thought this house was the clear winner. This was my younger brother Brady's , and his wife Lauren's house. Brady went home PISSED, cause they lost. Mister Trash Talk didn't help matters much either. He made fun of the fact that Brady's house came in last place, after all that work they did. Then again, Mister Trash Talk also told Taylor that his house was going to get hit by a roadside bomb too, so what does he really know! Anyway, this house got the award for "Most Creative." Ya think??!! Aside from the doormat, and the swirled melted Jolley Rancher stained glass windows, you have the ice skating pond, the Frosted Mini Wheats for shingles, the Licorice Nibs for brick, and the Cotton Candy for billowing smoke out of the chimney. What more do they need??? Brady told my Momma that he hated her neighbor, and Lauren told us the other day that Brady was in a super bad mood all the rest of that night!!!

Think we take things a little too seriously??? Nah! If it weren't for us Joneses, there would be no standard for the rest of the world to live up to!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1st Annual Jones Family Gingerbread House Competition

My family decided to have a gingerbread house competition this past Sunday. I guess they decided they want it to be an annual event, so this is the FIRST of what I kinda hope might be a forgotten about event.

My parent's neighbor came and judged them (with my family it always has to be a competition) I got third pl
ace, but I also worked alone. Everyone else had their spouse/boyfriend. Easton was supposed to be my partner, but ditched me at the last minute. My brother Mitch had his wife Tavi, Easton, and my dad. I think I should get extra props.

What are your votes for the best/least favorites. Rank them #1-#5, cause I want to get your opinions. You'll have to ignore the "illegal" use of plastic animals/other non-food items on this first house. The individuals responsible claimed they didn't get told any rules, let alone that this was against the rules. We were supposed to bring our own gingerbread/graham crackers/ building structure, and our own candy. My mom made all the icing.

The numbers for each of the entries are located beneath the photograph.






Grandpa Keetch watched us AND the kids. How cute is this picture of him feeding Baby Brooklynn!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Giant, Fluffy, Junior Mint

As the weather cools down, the need for some warming up comes into play, so a couple of weeks ago, Jaime and I went to 7-Eleven to get us a hot chocolate. I usually add a few of those Irish Cream flavored coffee creamers to not only cool it down a bit, but you all know I am a sucker for just about anything minty!!!!

As we arrived, I noticed that a new flavor had been added:

3-Musketeers Mint Hot Chocolate!!!!

I of course jumped at the chance to try it. Upon purchasing our beverages, I noticed the actual candy bar from which this delightful beverage had been inspired. It wasn't until this past Friday that I actually decided to try it. It was a moment of weakness in the Walmart checkout line, and it was only 50 cents. I really didn't know what to expect. Maybe the little chocolate marshmallow nougat thing in the regular candy bar has a tiny bit of mint flavor...

The discovery was actually a very pleasant surprise. My very first thought was that it was very similar to a Junior Mint, only bigger, and fluffier...and better! So my review, in my professional opinion: A Giant, Fluffy, Junior Mint. If you like Junior Mints, you'll like this candy bar.

In the words of Kramer from Seinfeld..."Who doesn't like a junior mint?! It's's's refreshing!!! It's very delicious!!!" It is dark chocolate, but the mint flavor hides the strong taste of that a little bit. The mint bar is a little thinner than its original counterpart, and it has two separate mini bars if you will, in the one package. You all will have to go out and get yourselves one to make your own comparisons, and then let me know what you think.

Oh yeah, and by the way...the hot chocolate flavor was pretty good too!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day of Fun

I kidnapped the boys one afternoon a couple of weeks ago and had Shameonyou21 take some pictures of them for me. Cooper was really hard cause he wouldn't smile very much, and I don't think he felt very well. Easton was hammin' it up the entire time.

Another friend of mine brought her little girl along for the ride too, so I think the added distraction didn't help much. I thought they turned out cute, even though these are the only pictures Shameonyou21 liked. Dang photographers think they know it all!!!

You all know I love the TV Show "Friends" quite a bit. I could not help it when I saw Cooper pull this face all day long. I kept flashing back to Chandler when he and Monica are taking engagement photos, and Chandler cannot smile. In fact, these are his "bedroom eyes!"


"Someone on the subway licked my neck, they licked my neck!"

"Awe, Willie's still alive!"

Monday, October 22, 2007

Lifetime Restaurants

I have been a major slacker...yes what else is new you say! I have been a very very bad slacker, I have two restaurants to review, and one big major announcement to make! So without annoying you any further...

I AM A LIFETIMER!!! What does that mean you ask? Well, that means that in my last 1 year, 10 1/2 months of being a faithful paid member of Weight Watchers, I have reached my goal weight, and maintained it for at least six weeks. That now means, that as long as I stay no more than two pounds over that goal weight, I am what they consider a Lifetime Member. I don't have to pay them anything ever again, and I only have to check in ONE time during the month, instead of going every single week. HOORAY!!! I have lost 61 pounds (and counting), and have dropped my pant size in half!!! YEA, YIPPEE!!!

In between, and after said blessed event happened, I managed to find a couple of restaurants to review. One was so-so, and the other BAD!

Remember "The Place of Which We Do Not Speak?" Well, someone told me that it no longer existed. That it was named something different. I figured this would be a good opportunity to find out if I simply disliked the location by the movie theater, or if it was the actual restaurant itself. I still can't tell.

Kristen, and Kristeee and I all went out to try our hand at this new place to see what we could see, while the LDS boys were supposed to be at their Priesthood Meeting session of the LDS General Conference. The restaurant is called, "La Vigna," not to be confused with a different vulgar word referring to a woman's body part, as Kristeee originally thought it was called!!!

We arrived at the restaurant, and were escorted in very promptly. It kind of surprised us being that this was usually the time all the women go out to eat, while the men were in their meeting. Kristen and I usually have issues with this restaurant telling us ten minutes, forgetting about us, even though they asked us our name twice, and the actual wait time ending up to be about 45 minutes. This was a very nice change of pace for us!!!

Anyway, we took a look at the menu, trying to decide what we could order. I noticed that much of the menu was the same or very similar to that of the previous restaurant, only maybe with a different name. The prices seemed to be slightly higher, but only by a dollar or two. We asked our waiter for some suggestions, and he gave us ONE. His favorite. OK, so not that bad, but maybe we wanted some options to choose from, maybe you could tell us what a lot of people order, or what another dish you like might be. Don't just give me one and walk away like a homer!!!

As we sat there wondering if we dared ask the waiter what happened to "That Place of Which We Do Not Speak," or for more menu suggestions, we mulled over some other options to choose from. None of us picked the waiter's favorite as it turned out. Maybe I should have. They had a dish similar to my favorite one from "that other place" (Lobster Bits), only slightly different, but I wanted to try something new. Once again...BAD IDEA!

I can't remember exactly how the dish I ordered was supposed to be prepared. I ordered the tortellini in what I thought was supposed to be a garlic cream sauce with sun-dried tomatoes. What came out was tortellini in some broken, sorry excuse for a pasta sauce I have ever seen. There was no garlic flavor in it at all, and it appeared to be either straight butter or olive oil, or a combination of the two together. In fact, there was no flavor to the dish at all, even though they had strings of basil ALL OVER the outside and on top of my plate!!!

I think the dish was called something like "Katarina de tortellini." Or something with some woman's name in it at least! If that is the way that Katarina intended that dish to be, someone should smack her upside the head with one of those hanging sausages on the walls, because as I said before, it was the sorriest excuse for a pasta sauce EVER!

I am pretty sure that both of my companions enjoyed their dishes. But how much different can you get with Marsala Chicken, and Cannelloni??? I might give this place one more try. Maybe go try their version of my lobster bits and then I can compare for sure.

While trying to search to see if a website was available yet, I came across this guy's commentary on the place. It explains what happened to "that other place" and why I thought things looked so similar in the new place. Apparently is was differences of opinion between the two partners, and that's why the Provo location of "that other place" is still in tact. I hope that since the management is the same, and only the name and the menu differ slightly from the original, their service will differ as well from what we have dealt with in the past. If it is the same...I will ban myself from eating there as I did "that other place."

Just a quick note...that other place that I went to, just stay away. It will not be in business long at all. It is called "National Express Restaurant," and it is located in Orem where the old dine-in Pizza Hut used to be by Jamba Juice. It is supposed to be a chinese buffet style, but their selections were very few...maybe like 10 or so, and the flavors weren't quite there. They had a General Tso's Orange Chicken dish, which tasted neither like the hot and spicy norm of the general's chicken, nor anything like orange as one might expect from a dish with that name. Their assembly line seemed backwards and kinda wierd. The plates were at the end of the line, the forks and napkins way over by the register, and the sweet and sour sauce was at the beginning before you ever come to the actual chicken. With the mother of all chinese buffets (LQ Chinese Gourmet by Subway off of 1200 north) only a few blocks away, I can't imagine this place staying open for very long.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Halloween Dinner

I'm very serious about this by the way. Let me know if you are interested!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Happiness & Drooving

Saturday was Shameonyou21's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! As for her age...let's just say she is about 15 weeks, and 4 days OLDER than I am! Man she's old!!! Her computer is down at the moment, so I can get away with saying that for a little bit anyway! As soon as she gets a new one, and logs on to see how my posting is coming, I will be dead, and my posts will cease!

Anyway, we went to Black Angus in Fort Union for the birthday dinner. Out of the ten or so people in our party, three of us did not have anything to drink. Because of that, dinner got extra happy toward the end with everyone telling us of their favorite drunk stories! Most of them were about our friend Krissy, bur Shameonyou21 and Randoval had a few of their own to add! Randoval made up his mind from the beginning that he wanted to drink...A LOT... and Shameonyou21 wanted to celebrate her birthday with a couple of fruity square cow somethings.

DiDi, and I were two of the sober ones at the table, and we rode up with Shameonyou21 and Randoval to the restaurant, so they said it was up to us to decide who was the designated driver between us. DiDi was very anti touching this "baby" of a vehicle, so the lot fell upon me, even though I didn't want to either. What else could I do though. Randoval was really happy, and Shameonyou21 said she was fine, and could DROOVE us home! Tons of RED FLAGS popped up all over the table, so I took it upon me to suck it up and just do it (like Nike tells me to do), cause there was no way I was letting either of them droove us home.

We made it fine, no big giant metors came flying out of the sky like I had feared, but let's just say that it was pretty much the worst experience EVER! Everyone was yelling at each other to shut up and let me drive, but the very next second someone was trying to tell me where to go and what to do. I yelled at them a few times, they snapped back, it was so much fun!

One of the highlights of the ride home was when we found a Pie Pizzaria in the same parking lot. Same fantastic restaurant, closer location. What's not to love? Anyone up for some pizza in about three weeks (when I hit my lifer status and have a month to work it off)?

Now if only I could get Mjillie to come down and play. Her birthday was last Sunday, so she is about 16weeks and 4 days OLDER than I am. Man, she's old too!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007


For those of you who do not understand the Croatian language, the title of this post will not make any sense to you...I used this title because using the phrase, "Everything, Anything, Whatever, However, Whenever, and Who Cares" just doesn't seem to give it justice. If you really want to know how to pronounce the word though, and even if you don't...SVAH-SH-TUH.

Anyway, this post is going to (try) and make-up for the last month of happenings and goings on in my life since I haven't been on blogger to write about any of it. Be prepared for ski-breaks, babies, food, work, friends, basketball referee junk, my W.W. experiences, family, church, roommates, etc.

Get it, Sit back, and Shut up....(OK not really, cause I really want you to comment). Where should we begin...Family sounds good, cause they are an important thing right!

My brother is still living in Japan, but doesn't like the style of baseball they play over there. It's a whole different game than the "American Pastime" we play here in the states. His wife and two boys came home on Tuesday for the rest of the year, so that was exciting for us at least. Mitch will be home when his team is finished with the playoffs over there. Let's all root for the team playing AGAINST the Nippon Ham Fighters, so he can come home too! Those boys though are so big. Cooper is a monster, and Easton is so tall!!!

You are all aware now, both of my younger siblings have children now. Kinda frightens me sometimes to think of at least one of them as a parent...we'll see how they do! My momma has all four of her grandkids close to home now, so I probably don't need to tell you how happy she is!!!

Let's just summarize the rest of these like this:
  • I have been contemplating trying to make things right (even though I wasn't really the one who pushed away) from a good friend. This person moved away, dropped off the face of the earth, sort of resurfaced, moved back, dropped off the face of the earth again, I said some things to someone out of frustration to someone else who then in turn most likely went to this friend and told her what I had said. I am the kind of person who likes everyone to get along, and even though I get the attitude of "who cares, they dug their own grave, I'm through trying, its too hard" I have been feeling the need to apologize for the things I said, which may or may not have gotten back to her, and try to at least clear my conscience with things. Any thoughts?
  • A good friend of mine lost his son in a tragic car accident a few weeks ago...two weeks before his 17th birthday. I didn't know how to help, even though I knew their wasn't much I could really do. He is dating one of my best friends, Shameonyou21 so that's how I know him. I think I have actually mentioned him before on my blog...I believe I referred to him as Randoval. What I ended up doing was making everything and anything they asked for, or had been asking me to make for the last while now. I even made stuff for the ex-wife, and husband, and other son!!! I guess not everything because Shameonyou21 DIDN'T ASK for the cream puffs. I didn't know Kiefer that well, but the few times I was over, and he was there, he was a fun, energetic, and outgoing kid with an infectious laugh. Like I said, I didn't know him that well, but I couldn't help tease him right along with everyone else! Maggie Moo's ice cream will never be the same (we used to give him and his brother, and friends money so they would have something to do, and they would bring us back ice cream)!
  • I am on my 5th roommate since May. Two have already been married, the third is getting married in October, the fourth is a little piggy mess sty, and the fifth is really cool. PHEW! I would have shot myself dead, (or just opted out of my contract for the next year) if I had a weirdo move in. I would have been surrounded, and probably would be afraid to contract some form of disease because of Messy Bessy. My ward is really really young, but I am hoping I can weed out the babes, and find some real men (which I am hoping is a feasible goal). For now, I am happy, trying not to strangle someone, and actually reading a book. I am in the 5th chapter of Twilight, thanks to HeidiVN, and my roommate Nat.
  • Ski breaks have been so very many, that I can't remember them all...If I was with you and had one, or I told you about one that is not listed...feel free to remind me how dumb I can be!!! There are only a few that are so bad that jump out right at me off hand. The first one is, while walking to work one morning, I was a good 2/3 of the way to work when I noticed my zipper was down, and had been down the ENTIRE time. What made it worse was it happened during the time that buses are bringing the kids to school. Since I was around 800 N. and Freedom Blvd. (a very busy road) I couldn't just up and fix it...lots and lots of people driving by, and kids in school buses...they wouldn't stop coming though so it lasted another however long, but it felt like an eternity before I could do anything about it
  • The last thing I wanted to mention, (I promise it will just be a mention) I hit my w.w. goal, and I am three weeks into my six week maintenance period. After those 6 are up, and I am hopefully, no more than 2 pounds above my goal weight, I get be a lifetime member, and not have to pay them a dime ever again, r at least as long as I maintain my weight. I don't ever wanna be where I was again, or feeling the way I felt...I like having brand new size 10 pants feel baggy...sort of (I am not made of money...I can't keep buying new clothes every time I turn around)!!!
Thanks for indulging me in my last month's worth of journey's/ non-adventures. I promise I will be better at my slacking off Blogging Posts!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brooklynn Belnap
August 27, 2007
6 pounds 13 ounces
19.5 inches long

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Review!

Not much has been happening recently, as I am sure you have all noticed the complete lack of blogging on my part. Nevertheless, I have managed to find a restaurant at which is worth eating, and which is worth actually reviewing since I haven't been to this restaurant before, nor had I really noticed it was in existence until a few weeks ago when I went.

As we walked out of the restaurant, I heard a woman, who was passing by, tell her friend that this restaurant was not good and to never, ever go there. I have to disagree completely, as I thought it was a very nice, fresh change from the usual Chinese crap that is out there these days. One thing that grabbed my attention right away was the dish descriptions on the menu. Some places have a very generic description that barely gives you an idea of what you are ordering. These descriptions were brief, yet informative enough to let me know what I would be getting myself into if I decided to order this dish.

The prices were very reasonable considering its location, and the amount of food you receive. Most lunches were just under $8, and they are served with egg rolls, soup of the day (this day was the egg drop soup), fried wontons, and your choice of fried or steamed rice. By the time the actual entrees came, we were already pleasantly satisfied. The food came out very quickly, and the portions were large enough to have leftovers (if you like to have leftovers) for the following day.

I ordered the General Tso's chicken. Most everywhere I have been, has this particular dish in the deep fried format. Shoots had the chicken grilled and then sauteed in the special sauce that I love so much! My favorite Chinese buffet did away with this on the menu, so knowing of another place to get it, that is even healthier than the original, was happiness in the world in which I live.

The only negative things I noticed was that the water glasses were slow to be refilled, the bill was quite slow in getting to us once we were finished eating, and then quite slow in returning it to us. The restaurant appears to be all family run and operated, so I am sure the wait staff/owner's wife and daughter had other tables to attend to, but these are just "must haves" in my book.

I reccomend this restaurant to all who like chinese food, and especially to those who aren't always down with the always fried shrimp, chicken, and pork dishes that so often accompany this type of cuisine. The website advertises that all of the food is made fresh to order, and not sitting under a heat lamp to order. That's a good way to get me interested at least. For dinner they have a "mix and match" type of entree which I thought would be worth checking out. You get a choice of starch, three choices of vegetables, and one choice of meat (or something along those lines. All of it freshly stir-fried when you order.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Baby Boston

Nephew #3 has finally arrived!!!! After weeks of labor pains/contractions, Lauren delivered baby Boston yesterday afternoon!!! I am so ticked that I can't see him in person for three more weeks. I tried to pull the guilt card with Brady, in saying that if I had thousands of dollars at my disposal, I would fly him out to see me. Nice try huh!!!

Brady's response was, "Don't worry, we'll be home in a few weeks!"

HOW RUDE!!! My parents told me I couldn't fly out to VA. with them this weekend because I had to watch the shop! JERKS! I am just being shot down right and left here!

Anyway, Brady thought that this kid was gonna shoot right out for some reason, but it took about 11 hours instead! It's no wonder though, when you see how big he is!

August 8, 2007

9 lbs. 8 oz. 22" long

Check out Brady and Lauren's site to see a couple of cute videos they've uploaded!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Just Some Pictures!

I haven't done a whole lot of fun traveling like I had hoped this summer now that my brother lives in Japan instead of Las Vegas--go figure! In exchange, I have been trying to take advantage of a few of the events around town to try and make up for it. Take a gander...but don't forget, I am still waiting on some smart A$$ comments from the peanut gallery!

This one was just so much
better in color!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All About Me I Guess!

I guess the thanks goes out to Kristen for this one!

Four Jobs I’ve held:

1) Grocery Bagger--Macey's
2) Assistant Concessions Mgr/Stand Mgr.--Orem Owlz
3) Wrapper--Costco Bakery
4) Digitizer/Pretend Graphic Designer--The Ink Spot

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over:
1) Any sappy love story like Runaway Bride/Notting Hill
2) Pride & Prejudice (either the A&E or the '06 version)
3) A League of Their Own
4) Ocean's Movies (1, 2, and even 3) or (Rocky movies--any one of the first 5)

Four Places I’ve Lived:
1) Croatia (five different cities)
2) Orem, Utah (two different places)
3) Provo, Utah (two different times)
4) Lake Powell/Page, AZ (for like a week)

Four Places I’ve Vacationed:
1) Las Vegas, NV
2) Cincinnati/Columbus, OH
3) Denver/Colorado Springs, CO
4) Boise, ID

Four of My Favorite Dishes:
1) Lasagna
2) Sushi
3) Madeira Chicken
4) Au Gratin/Scalloped Potatoes (cheesy goodness)

Four Sites I Visit Daily:
1) check on my bro
2) Yahoo mail--although that seems to be pointless lately cuz I'm not writing anyone either!
3) Bank account--stupid bills
4) All of YOUR blogs since you are the ones posting and not me!

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1) Croatia
2) Japan
3) Mexico (on my cruise)
4) Anywhere but here!

And I tag.....NOT A SOUL! You play if you wanna play. Otherwise make some smart a$$ comments on this!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I Love Me A Good Comic Strip

I haven't had me a good laugh at a comic in a while, so when I found the first one in the newspaper a few weeks ago, I went online to read what some of the others were like. These two were just a couple that I could relate to. The comic strip is called Baby Blues by the way.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Hotties

Tavi (my sister-in-law) had these taken at Kiddie Kandids before they left for Kanab this week. Apparently, Cooper was a ham, so easy to work with, and so it made it hard to choose which prints to use. Easton on the other hand was kind of a pain, even though he usually loves his picture taken. He kept making faces at the photographer, and his mom had to get after him a little bit to knock it off and be serious!

I am going to miss them a ton while they are in Japan, but they will have a great experience, and I am happy that they will get to be with their daddy through this whole thing. I thought I would brag about my nephews just a bit with you all!!!

COOPER (13 Months)

EASTON (3rs. Old)


Friday, June 22, 2007

From Japan to Mexico

I have told a few people of the possiblity of me taking a trip to Japan sooner than anticipated. This was due to the fact that Mitch had to leave this morning without his family, and they would join him a few weeks from now. My hopes were soaring high because I was the only one in the family (on both sides) with a passport who was not selling alarm systems for the summer and would not be able to go. How sweet would that be? An all expense paid first class flight (paid by my brother's agent's company), they already have the hookups as far as housing, food money, and stuff, so I wouldn't have been out hardly any of my own money. Where do I sign up???!!!

My hopes have since been dashed though. I tried not to have them too high as it was, just in case, but Tavi (my sis-in-law) was sad (obviously) about not being able to go with Mitch right now. She decided that she would rather her mom go with (I would have probably preferred that too if given the same situation) to help her with Easton and Cooper for that long of a trip. So they expedited passports for her parents, and she is going home to Kanab for the rest of the time until she leaves for Japan.

In the meantime, I guess I will just save my money for a cruise I am taking the last week of January. I am going with my friends Shameonyou21, her bf Randoval, and another of my friends, DiDi, who also happens to work with Shameonyou21. My trip is a Mexican Riviera Cruise for 8 days. Cities include Acapulco, Manzanillo, and Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. The links I provided to those cities are different shore excursions, which I can pay extra for, and enjoy some extra fun outside of the ship. Some of the excursions I want to possibly experience (despite the costs) in each city are things such as the Dolphin Swim, in the city I can't pronounce. The cliff divers dinner in Acapulco, City Tours, Mexican Fiestas, Snorkeling, Jeef Safaris, etc in Manzanillo Some of those we can do in any city, and we can always spend a day at the beach and rent waverunners, and stuff, or rent mopeds and take our own city tours.

I best be getting my white butt to the tanning beds or I might come home looking like a burnt red pepper! Trade-offs I guess. Trade-offs!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Million Dollar Man

Some of you have heard about my brother's possible opportunity to go play baseball in Japan. Even if you haven't, now you are up to date, and will be able to better follow along with the story!

Mitch Jones, formerly of the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Organizations, has just signed a contract with the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters of the Japanese Baseball League guaranteeing him at least $1.1 Million over the next two years! That's right, you read that correctly, $1.1 Million! My brother the millionaire!

This deal is so perfect for him in so many ways. Below are just a few of the "perks" that come with this offer.

  • Mitch, his wife Tavi, and two boys Easton & Cooper all fly for free to and from Japan.
  • I think this was implied from the above, but Mitch's family get to go and be with him.
  • Housing is provided.
  • A Car is provided.
  • An additional $300 provided daily for food expenses.
  • An interpreter is provided.
  • $50,000 signing bonus paid within three days of arrival.
  • Bonuses depending on how well he plays (up to an additional $200,000).
  • An option for a third year worth another $1 Million.
  • Some form of "money cushion" provided for extended family to travel to Japan.
  • His team won the Japanese World Series last year (that means they are a very good team).
I am sure there are more, but I can't think of any more right now! Other than an extra month of being away from my favorite nephews, (who really are the main reason we are sad they are all going far, far away), it is a great situation for them, and maybe they can find some kind of awesome missionary opportunity over there too!!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Thanks to Kristen for this:

I am Elizabeth Bennet!

Take the Quiz here!

:: L I Z Z Y ::

I am Elizabeth Bennet of Pride & Prejudice! I am intelligent, witty, and tremendously attractive. I have a good head on your shoulders, and oftentimes find myself the lone beacon of reason in a sea of silliness. I take great pleasure in many things. I are proficient in nearly all of them, though I will never own it. Lest I seem too perfect, I have a tendency toward prejudgement that serves me very ill indeed.

I don't know if I completely agree. Those of you who know me well enough to be a fair judge, (but also somewhat familiar to this character) what say you???

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


As promised...CAKE #2

The preperations:

Let's Just say that Ganache (the chocolate drizzle)=EVILNESS! Turns out chocolate and flowers like each other!!!

50CentJen is playing with the tops white I ganache!

Its all starting to come together:

More FLOWERY TOPS!!! There are little chocolate curls around the flowers as well. I told you, Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate!!!

At the reception all put together: (the purple things in the background are not my doing b.t.w.)

The white thing on the table in front of the cakes is a white veil with mouse ears. Then of course is the main cake topper of Mickey and Minney which is sitting on the 2nd biggest layer because it was way too big for the very top layer.

So the low down on this. This was fun up until the ganache. When made according to the recipe, it is
VERY runny, and had ZERO contrast to the other frosting. We spent an hour messing with the consistency, and trying to get more of a contrast between the frosting, and the ganache.

We ended up with twice as much more chocolate, and it was thicker, but still not where we needed it to be. We had to mix the frosting into the ganache to thicken it up to where we could at least drizzle it over the sides. The drizzles were forced down the sides with a squirt bottle, in strategic locations.

An hour after we were supposed to have the cake at the reception, we finally made it, despite a few attempts on all our parts to drop them on the way over. I almost dropped the top layer right in front of the bride!!!

Then Captain Obvious, (as I have affectionately re-named my mother) pointed out to me on the way in, after one of the most frustrating hours of my life,
I was late. I needed to plan better. NOT the thing to say when I am likely to shove the cake I am holding, right into your face!!! That would have gone over well right in front of the bride right? So instead, I almost just drop the thing on the ground. I probably would have sat down on the ground, possibly said a few choice words, then burst into tears!!!

The same applies to this one as it did to the last. Rip on it, admire it, laugh at it, tell me it sucked, or that it wasn't that bad, I don't care. It is over and done with, and since I do not have a cake in my hand, nor are you standing right next to me, I think your opinions will be duley noted no matter how good or bad! (That applies to you too SHAMEONYOU!)