Monday, November 28, 2005

The New Pride & Predjudice

Ok, since I hadn't completely ::hanging head in shame:: seen the BBC version all the way through, nor had I ::hanging head deeper in shame:: read the Jane Austen novel before my friend Jamie begged me to go see this movie, I didn't have much on which to base this new production. I heard from both Streets & Nemesis that even though it will never replace the BBC version, it was still very good. Normally, I can't completely trust anyone else's criticism about movies unless a good number of them say it is crap or otherwise, good. So when these two lovely ladies both, among others, said the new version of the film was good, I figured I could see it and be alright.

You have yet to hear the best part of it all though! I went, I saw it, I loved it, ::lifting head up slightly:: ate turkey, (the next day) giant photo of me on the front page of a newspaper section, cleaned my room, (that actually took place over the two days following Thanksgiving) and did all my laundry while watching the last five and a half hours of the BBC version on the Biography channel!!! (I missed the first little bit because I happend to be looking for a movie to watch on Direct TV after deciding my laundry needed to be done before my room could be completely finished) ::head is slowly lifting back up to normal, upright position::

The funny part was that the washing machine apparently had a heart attack because it hadn't seen so much dirty laundry at one time! (Note to readers, I did not cram everything I own into the washing machine at the same time. They were normal size batches, it just so happens that there were quite a few normal size batches). The [water] hose broke and flooded the laundry room with about two gallons or more of water. I noticed it during a commercial when I went to check on the status of my current load in the washer. I quickly informed my mom who along with my grandpa, came down to see what the heck was going on. Grandpa being the fix-it-man that he is, pulled out the dryer to see if he could get to the washer and figure out the problem. I was just standing there, so I sneaked back upstairs to watch the show some more and continued to check on the progress of the situation with my mom and grandpa during the commercials! I think I am officially hooked! P&P party anyone?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Turkey Day Surprise

I want to start out by saying that I hope everyone had a marvelous day--regardless of the fact that a few of you didn't get a vacation or even celebrate this wondrous occasion!

Anyway, I had every intention of for my next post writing a smorgasbord of things, but this morning my phone rang and my friend says to me that I am now world famous, and everyone is going to know about my cooking ability. Very confused, I asked him what he meant by that. He then proceeds to tell me that he stopped to fill up his car at the gas station and he decided to purchase a newspaper. Apparently my picture was in the Deseret Morning News, Utah Valley Life section of the paper this morning.

Do you all remember that big dinner we had at UVSC and how a photographer asked if I would pose for a few pictures? Nothing ever came of it...or so I thought. He made good on it today, and all the neighbors have been calling us today wondering if we had seen it. We were running late for lunch over at my aunt's house, so we didn't stop to get a paper until afterward and on our way home. We stopped at four different gas stations to no avail, and just as we were about to give up, we noticed Carl's Jr. has newspaper stands outside by their entrance. We went over and noticed they didn't have any of the actual newspapers left, but noticed the Deseret Morning News, Utah Valley Life section of the paper with my picture huge on the front cover! They were free so my mom took like six of them! I just thought it was this little article with a few small pics in the middle of the section of the paper that nobody really looks at! I didn't sign up for the cover of the whole entire separate section of the thing!

The website doesn't have the cover and stuff, but there is a nice article about the program and at the bottom is my pic that was on the front. I am not quite sure what to think about it all! My family thinks it is pretty cool, and I guess it is, it's just kinda weird for me I guess.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


After reading a post on my friend Nemesis's blog, I decided to do the same, so I could brag a little too. Not that it is completely fair, because Easton is a boy and Savvybaby is obviously a cute little girl. I kinda like the match, what do you think?

On a different subject, I am Sous Chef this week in the restaurant. That means that I am pretty much in charge, other than the fact that Chef will be there and he is really in charge. I guess that just means I am second in command! Today was dumb, just for the fact that I sat on my butt and just did dishes pretty much. Things won't really pick up until tomorrow which is just me prepping out a banquet mostly by myself, and then normal stuff in the restaurant on Thursday and Friday.

Just an FYI for those who may be interested, it is Japanese week. Being Sous Chef is kind of a busy and yet scary thing at the same time. If stuff goes wrong, I am partly to blame. I don't anticipate anything happening like that because we are usually on the ball, but the thought still scares the crap outta me! I guess this job is kind of a privelage. We only have this week and next left in the restaurant. We had to cancel our last week in November because we have too many parties to cater. We found out today, that some guy who schedules events for the McKay Events Center forgot to put some parties on the calander, so our catering manager was quite schocked when they called to confirm their menu choices. That just means that we have nine parties in only three days. NO PROBLEM!

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dumped On

Ok, so there comes a point when you just hit rock bottom with your current situation. One comes to a crossroads where more than anything she knows what she needs to do, but doesn't have the ability or power to actually make it happen. Does anyone know how to get lots of money so I can pay my tuition to finish one more semester of school and pay off my loans as well? CUZ I NEED TO GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!

Since this post isn't meant to be depressing or anything, as I am a tad frustrated right now, there is one bright spot in the whole thing. I am not home nearly as much anymore to recieve half of the blows I normally do! YEAH!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

My Weather Pixie

Ok, so since some of you wouldn't respond to my request for help on figuring out the weather pixie andl inks to others' blogs, I have spent the last several hours figuring it out myself thank you very much!

Now that I have said that, my cute little weather pixie I chose simply for her hair. I want to do my hair like that! I don't like the whole cat thing going on though. First of all, I don't like cats. Second, it is creeping me out. It is moving all over the place, and I just don't like it!