Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sesame Street May Not Be Suitable For Children

This world is getting more and more retarded. Or maybe I should say to hell with all of the stupid people that go out of their way to ruin things for everyone else!!! I don't normally post about such "controversial issues" but with this I couldn't help myself. The earlier episodes of Sesame Street are now coming with a warning label on the package that the episodes may not be suitable for children. Adults Only...LAME!!! I love how this first article ends. There wasn't, nor is there anything (other than the newer, more politically correct episodes maybe) with this television show!!! Get a life people!




The Results

Sorry about the delay on getting you all the results of the Gingerbread House Competition. I spent Thanksgiving weekend at the Folks' and with all the festivities, I simply forgot about it!!! Anyhow, yesterday I went to lunch with Shameonyou21, and she yelled at me for not getting it done yet, so I figured I had better do it quick before she decides to deflate my tires while I sleep or something (although she still doesn't entirely know where I live)!

The results according to the neighbor lady were as follows:

First Place-House #3. She liked the Cinnamon Bears roasting marshmallows on the fire pit, and the loved how the burnt gingerbread looked like stucco. She also gave them props cause it was twice as big as everyone else's, and they made their gingerbread from scratch instead of using a kit like everyone else. This house belonged to my sissy EK and her hubby Tater Tot (the construction worker just like Shameonyou21 thought).

Second Place-House #1. She wanted to disqualify them for the use of the illegal fake snow stuff and the plastic reindeer, but when they whined about not hearing the rules, she let it slide cause she liked the reindeer poop, and the candy cane fence. This house was the genius of my older brother Mitch, his wife Tavi, my nephew Easton, and my daddy Calvie. Easton threw a fit about how they HAD TO HAVE a fire pit too, cause Ericka and Taylor had one! There was some arguing with me and my dad over the Peeps Snowmen, and the Peeps Trees cause we both bought them, and he couldn't find his, so he accused me of stealing his and putting them in my stash. He even pulled his receipt out to "prove" to me that he bought them. I told you that us Joneses get a little too competitive for our own good sometimes!

Third Place-House #2. The lady gave the lower placed houses "other prizes" too. This one got the award for "Most Traditional." She said she felt like she was "there" or something like that. Liked the brickwork, the icicles, and the DumDums for light polls. The pretzel fence was a last minute throw together. This was MY house, and MY house ALONE! My momma helped me put up the fence and the Nerds walkway though cause everyone else was finished and mad they had to wait for me to finish. GOOD GRIEF, it wasn't as if I had a partner to work with, or four people helping me like others did!!! Anyway, thanks to all of you for your love on this one!

Fourth Place-House #5. This house got the award for "Most Original." She loved the Cinnamon Toast Crunch shingles, and the Tootsie Roll fence. Grandpa Keetch gave them the idea of the Hersey's Kiss out of the chimney...BRILLIANT! You can't really tell, but they have the log cabin theme going on the sides too. Good thing I didn't have time to make my own gingerbread logs for my cabin, or that would have been embarrassing! This house was the handy work of my little sissy Megs and her bff Gage.

Fifth Place-House #4. Aside from my older brother who is "Mister Trash Talk" everyone of us thought this house was the clear winner. This was my younger brother Brady's , and his wife Lauren's house. Brady went home PISSED, cause they lost. Mister Trash Talk didn't help matters much either. He made fun of the fact that Brady's house came in last place, after all that work they did. Then again, Mister Trash Talk also told Taylor that his house was going to get hit by a roadside bomb too, so what does he really know! Anyway, this house got the award for "Most Creative." Ya think??!! Aside from the doormat, and the swirled melted Jolley Rancher stained glass windows, you have the ice skating pond, the Frosted Mini Wheats for shingles, the Licorice Nibs for brick, and the Cotton Candy for billowing smoke out of the chimney. What more do they need??? Brady told my Momma that he hated her neighbor, and Lauren told us the other day that Brady was in a super bad mood all the rest of that night!!!

Think we take things a little too seriously??? Nah! If it weren't for us Joneses, there would be no standard for the rest of the world to live up to!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

1st Annual Jones Family Gingerbread House Competition

My family decided to have a gingerbread house competition this past Sunday. I guess they decided they want it to be an annual event, so this is the FIRST of what I kinda hope might be a forgotten about event.

My parent's neighbor came and judged them (with my family it always has to be a competition) I got third pl
ace, but I also worked alone. Everyone else had their spouse/boyfriend. Easton was supposed to be my partner, but ditched me at the last minute. My brother Mitch had his wife Tavi, Easton, and my dad. I think I should get extra props.

What are your votes for the best/least favorites. Rank them #1-#5, cause I want to get your opinions. You'll have to ignore the "illegal" use of plastic animals/other non-food items on this first house. The individuals responsible claimed they didn't get told any rules, let alone that this was against the rules. We were supposed to bring our own gingerbread/graham crackers/ building structure, and our own candy. My mom made all the icing.

The numbers for each of the entries are located beneath the photograph.






Grandpa Keetch watched us AND the kids. How cute is this picture of him feeding Baby Brooklynn!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Giant, Fluffy, Junior Mint

As the weather cools down, the need for some warming up comes into play, so a couple of weeks ago, Jaime and I went to 7-Eleven to get us a hot chocolate. I usually add a few of those Irish Cream flavored coffee creamers to not only cool it down a bit, but you all know I am a sucker for just about anything minty!!!!

As we arrived, I noticed that a new flavor had been added:

3-Musketeers Mint Hot Chocolate!!!!

I of course jumped at the chance to try it. Upon purchasing our beverages, I noticed the actual candy bar from which this delightful beverage had been inspired. It wasn't until this past Friday that I actually decided to try it. It was a moment of weakness in the Walmart checkout line, and it was only 50 cents. I really didn't know what to expect. Maybe the little chocolate marshmallow nougat thing in the regular candy bar has a tiny bit of mint flavor...

The discovery was actually a very pleasant surprise. My very first thought was that it was very similar to a Junior Mint, only bigger, and fluffier...and better! So my review, in my professional opinion: A Giant, Fluffy, Junior Mint. If you like Junior Mints, you'll like this candy bar.

In the words of Kramer from Seinfeld..."Who doesn't like a junior mint?! It's chocolate...it's peppermint...it's refreshing!!! It's very delicious!!!" It is dark chocolate, but the mint flavor hides the strong taste of that a little bit. The mint bar is a little thinner than its original counterpart, and it has two separate mini bars if you will, in the one package. You all will have to go out and get yourselves one to make your own comparisons, and then let me know what you think.

Oh yeah, and by the way...the hot chocolate flavor was pretty good too!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Day of Fun

I kidnapped the boys one afternoon a couple of weeks ago and had Shameonyou21 take some pictures of them for me. Cooper was really hard cause he wouldn't smile very much, and I don't think he felt very well. Easton was hammin' it up the entire time.

Another friend of mine brought her little girl along for the ride too, so I think the added distraction didn't help much. I thought they turned out cute, even though these are the only pictures Shameonyou21 liked. Dang photographers think they know it all!!!

You all know I love the TV Show "Friends" quite a bit. I could not help it when I saw Cooper pull this face all day long. I kept flashing back to Chandler when he and Monica are taking engagement photos, and Chandler cannot smile. In fact, these are his "bedroom eyes!"


"Someone on the subway licked my neck, they licked my neck!"

"Awe, Willie's still alive!"