Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm Homeless!!!

Ok, so I am not really actually homeless, but I feel like it because my sissy dropped a bomb shell on me and gave me a matter of hours to move out of her apartment. JERK! Just kidding! I just had to move home and didn't really want to! I guess it is good, cause now I have my parents' neighbor, who is a real estate agent, giving me a listing of good places to check out. I can take my time and not stress about hurrying to get into a place before I got kicked out. All a matter of perspective I guess!

Now that I finally got my internship registered, I have some evaluations I must complete and turn into the Culinary Arts Department, so I can actually graduate. Among them is a little checklist evaluation which my boss will use to rate my performance. I know I should get a good evaluation from him, but he is the biggest idiot, and who knows what he will actually do. If it turns out to be negative for some strange reason, I will go over his head to the Assistant General Manager of the team, and make her do it instead!

The other two papers are for me to rate my experience over all. The following is one of those sheets with how I really feel like answering the questions. Any suggestions on how to make them sound better, and more official and positive would be greatly appreciated since I have kind of an irritated feeling in my stomach every time I think about going to work for this guy. Only two more weeks of this horrid job!!!

"How could your internship have been more valuable to you?"
- My boss could've been someone other than the dink that he is.

"What were the benefits/advantages to interning at this site?"
- I got to meet some pretty cool people who helped me endure this experience. Too bad one of them up and moved to Las Vegas, now I don't know what I am going to do!

"Provide suggestions for interns that may want to select this site."
-Run! Run away as far and as fast as you can!

"Provide suggestions for the internship program."
-Keep all interns away from this man. He is the psycho of the world.

"Other comments."
-Please let me graduate, I endured the summer from Hell!


kristen said...

You might want to soften those answers a litte......just a thought. We all know those kinds of things are a bunch of B.S. anyway. Good luck!!

p.s. We need to do Coney's!

QueenMeadow said...

You should remove his name from the blog. You know he's the kind that will do a search for his name on google and will find your blog ;). You gotta protect yourself until you get that review, lol.

Nemesis said...

Nope, those answers sound fine. But yeah, get his name off fast.