Thursday, November 02, 2006


Apparantly when you go to McGraths Fish House for your birthday, you end up wearing one of these nifty little fish hats. My personal opinion is that it is better than any kind of paper crown you might get at Burger King. Too bad this only happens at the end of dinner with the waiter holding it on your head, instead of being able to wear it all during dinner to embarass you or something! Doesn't her nephew Sam look so cute!

We were able to finally surprise my friend Jaime for her birthday this week. Come to think of it...surprise her with anything for that matter! A couple of years ago, a few of us tired to throw her a surprise party for her brithday, which ended very, VERY badly. Other surprises that at least I have tried, such as a gift or whatever, and she goes out and buys it before anyone else can. Jaime seems to always find ways to spoil every possible surprise someone might try. All I can say, is that IT IS ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!!

On a different appears as though I am going to move back into my sissy's apartment in South Orem. She and her hubby just purchased a town house just outside of Lehi in Saratoga Springs. Their contract isn't up until January, and the management will charge them $2000 to get out! I will move back in a couple weeks and help out with half of their rent. If I found a roommate, then the two of us could split it, and help them out even more. Since all of my friends are otherwise occupied; (married, shackin up, engaged, purchased their own, or too set in their existing living situations) it looks as though it is just gonna be me!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, if I weren't shackin' up, I'd move in (ha, ha).

I'm still having conniptions from going into McGrath's. The smell.....

Anonymous said... hat?

Yay for having your own space again :) But I'm not sure I want you living even closer to me! ;)


Kristeee said...

Two words: Loud Parties.

And maybe we can get a fish hat of our own. That'd be fun...

jaime said...

The fish hat wasn't so bad...especially since they brought it at the very end. That was a good thing.

Also, I have to congratulate you on surprising me. I don't mean to spoil surprises, but somehow I always manage to ruin things. You really got me this time!

Thanks for a great birthday. Love ya! :)