Monday, April 09, 2007

The Closest I'll Ever Be To Stardom

Many thanks to Kristeee for this one!. You should all go check it out.

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

My cool celebrity look-alike collage from Get one for yourself.

I don't know why my pics didn't show upPublish, but just scroll down a bit to a previous post to see a few of the pics I used. Apparantly I look like Amanda Bynes, because she showed up in three different tries. No arguments from me, she is cute, rich, and lots of people like her (who cares if they are mostly little girls...they are still people, and they still like her)!

Anyway, I am almost up to 5,000 Visitors, let me know if you end up being the 5,000th and you'll get a prize if I like you enough!!! (The counter is on your left below all the links and junk).


QueenMeadow said...

crap, I'm 5,001. bummer!

I just want to know why your profile "shadow" had a weird rocket boob.

Birdee said...

Maybe I'm just do I see your profile?

Kristeee said...

I missed it. Can I still have a prize? Huhuhuhuhuhuh?

foodie said...

Who knows...I could have been 5000 checking to see if my layout was correct or not! Anyhow, you are all winners in my book, and you who commented will surely get a prize of some sort. (Even you Kristeee!!!)

Queenmeadow: I noticed that too...maybe I wouldn't hate my own shelf so bad it they were tha perky and not saggy!

Birdee: I think Queenmeadow means the shadow in the pictures that should have been my picture.

birdee said...

I must be a friggin' idiot! I went to that website and looked all over for your profile and for your counter! I've even re-read your post and comment about a million times, but I couldn't find what you were talking about. Finally, I looked under all your web short-cuts and found your stinking counter. I STRUGGLE TOO!!! AUGH!!!

QueenMeadow said...

Perky they are. I don't remember what that is like :P