Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mini-Van Road Rage

The other day as I was on the freeway headed to my parents house after work, I had an experience that made me both angry and chuckle all at the same time. I was driving along right around the "S Curve" just before the Parkway exit. I was actually going pretty close to the speed limit (maybe like 5 over) and I wanted to get around a diesel I was approaching, so I put on my blinker, looked and went over. Pretty textbook right? You would think!

When I looked behind me I saw a mini-van but it was still a ways away when I decided to change lanes over to the fast lane. As I was moving over the mini-van started to speed up to prevent me from getting in front of him I guess. It wasn't as if I cut him off by any means. HE was the one who sped up. I even hit the gas to get even more speed between us.

I looked in my rear view mirror to see the mini van RIGHT on my butt, and then I see the driver raise both hand and flip me off!!! I was pissed, and had the thought to wave back since he was the one having issues with my lane change. He backed off a little, but still tailgated me until we got to the carpool lane, he swerved over and out of the corner of my eye I see the passenger roll down the window and flip me off with both hands!!! Once again, I was irritated because I did nothing wrong!!!

The urge came again to wave but I had the thought that they would probably pull out a gun and shoot me or something the way they were acting! I just had to laugh that this younger couple were acting all bad A$$ in their beater mini-van. They were probably teenagers borrowing mom's van so they could have some wheels cause they sure didn't act any older!


kristen said...

Nice. In my younger more rebellious days I would have returned the birdie. Now I would just floor it and have the losers eat my exhaust.

We should keep supersoakers in our cars--the legal way to blast any idiot and road rager that comes in our path.

Just me said...

I have been known to drop to the level of an idiot who is yelling at me for driving dumb, I flipped some guy off a few weeks ago after he yelled "learn how to drive" when he was trying to pull out in front of me as I was turning, I had the right of way too! Ugh, it still ticks me off! But then I had guilt for using the bird to vent my anger.

FOODIE said...

Kristen-Super soakers are an excellent idea! I still wish I would have just waived or something to piss them off even more!

Lore-Why is it that when others are driving like bats outta hell they think they are in the right?! They strike me as the ones who cause all of the accidents and either never know or realize it, or they hurt someone else pretty bad, and they walk away without a scratch!