Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthdays and Ski Breaks

I had another name for this post when I was first thinking about what I wanted to write about.  The original title was "So Many Birthdays.  So Little Time."  Then Monday happened and I was forced to change my title.

I went on a little road trip by myself to visit my really good friend Mjillie in Boise, Idaho.  Her birthday was on the 16th so I thought I would go up and say hi, maybe take her out for her (late) birthday or something.  Anyway, so the weekend went great, no speeding tickets on the way up (found a friend to tail who liked to go 90 mph the whole way), and none on the way back.  The way home however, was filled with a little bit of drama all on its own.  Keep in mind this is my first time ever DRIVING to Boise.  I always flew because it was cheaper.  Obviously not the case now-a-day!

I was driving along just great, making good time by finding more speed demon friends to tail, and then somehow I started noticing I was on a different interstate than I remember.  I knew I started out on I-84, but then I started noticing signs for I-86 toward Pocatello.  Apparently the road forked and I didn't notice that I went left, instead of veering right toward SLC.  Kinda started freaking out to myself a little and then saw a sign that said x-amount of miles toward SLC.  

I figured by the time I found a way to turn around and go back to figure out what I did wrong, I might as well just keep going since Mjillie di
dn't answer her phone to find out what I did.  When I told her about it, and said I had no idea what I did, all she could tell me was that I went left instead of right!  So I ended up cutting across the great state of Idaho, and then coming down, instead of just staying on the road which would have intersected I-15 and gotten me home in a much faster way.  About 45 min to an hour sooner than I actually did!  My Dad called me and asked where I was, and then told me he was done talking to me when he found out what I did and that I didn't realize how I had done it.  I guess he couldn't believe he had one of those stereotypical blondes for a daughter!!!

Should have turned here!!!
The thing that really sucked is I had to still go into work for an hour when actually made it home, and then turn around and drive back up to SLC for Shameonyou21's birthday!  The things I do for those I love!  Anyway, it was at The Cheesecake Factory and I was very excited, so I am sure that helped my reasoning along with the fact that I do love Shameonyou21 very much also, and she would hate me if I didn't make it to her party!

I was running late (had to leave work, go home and shower, and then pick up SuziQ to head up to dinner.  I have lived in Orem my entire life so you would think I would know how to navigate Geneva Road after all these years.  I was going from my apt. just south of the Pkwy, to just north of Center.  I was yacking on the phone to Mjillie and all the sudden noticed I am almost to 1600 North!!!  

I was apparently a very easily distracted driver yesterday.  It's no wonder I didn't kill myself or someone else!!!  I apologize to anyone who was on the road at all yesterday!  I will be MUCH BETTER...I PROMISE!!!

Anyway, dinner was great!  A great friend's birthday, great food, and a GREAT Cheesecake for dessert!  It was ALMOST a refreshing ending to a hectic and chaotic and very long day for me.  My restaurant luck continued with the computer crashing at the end of dinner last night, so it took them an hour to HAND WRITE our checks.  If someone would have said it would have taken an hour to do that many checks (6), we would have just put it on one tab, have someone pay for it, and settle up in the parking lot for crying out loud!

In the words of Idyllic Ideas, you all really should just "leave me in the car" when we go places!  All in all, it was a fun evening, and just to give you an idea of how FABULOUS their new flavor is in honor of the 30th anniversary...
30th Anniversary Chocolate Cake Cheesecake
Two layers of our Original Cheesecake and Two layers of our Creamy Chocolate Fudge Cake filled with Chocolate Cream and finished with Crunchy Pearls of Chocolate.


Kristeee said...

Hahahahahaha! That's hilarious. I showed BlueEyes the map and he commented, "oopsie!"

And that cheesecake looks fabulous. My birthday's coming up, you know . . .

kristen said...

I think you're struggling.....

SuziQ said...

Ugh, like we needed to remember the dinner fiasco. You'd think they could have figured out our checks in an hour...but I realized when I got home that they'd charged me over 10% for the sales tax. Grrrr.