Monday, March 30, 2009

The Numbers

Since it is almost the end of March, and I haven't posted anything in over a month, I thought I'd better hurry and write one (that and Mjillie threatened me with violence if I didn't)!

Anyway, I went to AZ for my brother's opening weekend of Spring Training games, and read this in the Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine on the way home. I've been meaning to post this since then, which was around the beginning of the month, and just haven't out of shear laziness!!!

Here you go...

  • 4-John D. Rockefeller was nearly 4 times richer than Bill Gates. Even though he was only worth $900 million when he died, they figured today it would equal close to $190 billion. Bill Gates is worth $58 billion.
  • 2-Women generate 2 times more trash as men. We average around a dozen miscellaneous items in our medicine cabinets compared to the seven for men. They were quick to also point out that it is no wonder who the cleaner sex is!
  • 65-People over 65 dream in black and white. At least 25% of the time anyway. People under 25 said their dreams are in black & white only about 5% of the time. They figured it was due to the type of television set we watched while growing up. Whether it was a black & white set, or colored. The question was then posed as to whether or not today's kids will be dreaming in HD!
  • 633-We eat 633 hot dogs per second. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (they have one of those for real?) figures Americans eat about 20 billion hot dogs per year. The killer thing in this number is that the figures do not include sales from Wal-Mart, sporting events, or street vendors!!! They figure baseball parks sell during the regular season alone around 30 million hot dogs. Just imagine all those Family BBQ's/Costco/J-Dawgs/Sporting Event hot dogs you've eaten! Since my family has practically lived at the ballparks/sporting events my entire life, I am kinda grossed out to even think of how many I have consumed in my ripe-old lifetime to date. Probably won't be enough to stop me from getting them again though. There is just something to be said sometimes about a dumb hot dog!


Grant and Stacy said...

I'm never eating another hot dog again!

Kelson said...

Congrats on the new post!! That is some interesting info. Kind of nasty about the hot dogs though.

Kelson said...

This is Jill by the way not Kelson.

The Belnaps said...

Your blog looks Fabulous!! Love ya

liesel said...

I wouldn't have though that about the twice as much trash, what about all the fast food, pizza and frozen dinner boxes guys trash because they're too lazy to cook?? that's gotta make up some of the difference.

FOODIE said...

Stacy-Yeah right! Next ballgame you go to with a snack shack and you are all over that Dodger Dog! There is something about an overpriced ballpark hotdog that makes a girl want more!

Jill-You should grow to love those things! Cheap way to feel extremely gross!

EK-Thanks babe!

Liesel-I am sure everything has to even out in the eternal scheme of things!

Kristeee said...

You posted! Wow! Holy hot dogs! I can't believe that doesn't involve the big box stores' sales. And while we may have more stuff, boys still don't clean as much. We actually disinfect things. BlueEyes apparently went for 2.5 years of not cleaning the shower before we got married - and he's amazed that since we've been married and I've been cleaning the bathroom his toenails aren't fungus-y anymore. Yuck!