Tuesday, February 28, 2006


You know you just struggle when...

1- You run the "Fun Run" (the 1.5 mile run) at school and you come in last place even though you skipped the last lap.

2- You get two traffic tickets within two months of one another, when you haven't received a ticket in 7 years.

3- One of those tickets comes on the morning of your birthday and two people drive by while pulled over on the side of the road and wave at you.

4- You turn the radio up to near "speaker-blowing" level so you don't have to listen to your own voice while singing your favorite Martina McBride songs.

5- You receive your body fat percentage, and you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page only to find out that you are "clinically obese."

6- Your two year-old nephew bats his eyes and tells you he wants to go to McDonald's to get an Egg McMuffin and without even hesitating, you take him and buy him one.

7- You are trying to sit down on the couch and you end up almost falling on the floor instead.

8- You are extremely worried about the shoes the bride has picked out for her bridesmaids because they have a bit of a heel. 'Nuff said.

9- You have to wake up early even on days you don't need to so you don't miss any episodes of one of your favorite television programs.

10- You realize you need your friend to be your personal secretary in addition to her existing church responsibilities.

11- You are trying to plan to go out with friends to eat sushi on the night of your brother's wedding.

12- You go to the airport to pick up a friend at the gate, and you drive down the "taxis, busses, and limos only lane" only to back up to get out, and you realize that had you driven another five feet forward, there was an exit.

13- You have to refer to most of your life as one big giant "ski break." (A ski break is a term which I got from my favorite missionary companion which basically means the dumb, stupid, embarassing things that you do--like my list here).

14- You are forced to carry a Tide Stain Stick in your purse because you cannot get through a meal without spilling something on yourself. (Some people just can't help the fact that they have a "built in shelf" that catches any remote food particle that may possibly fall out of their food).

15- Because of reason #14, your decision on what to eat that day is based on the color of shirt you are wearing, will it hide a possible spill?

16- You have to get your daily outfits approved by your little sisters.

17- Your friend absolutely refuses to play Monopoly with you because you "supposedly throw things," and they are afraid of you.

18- You will not speak your mission language to friends actually from that country because they speak English better than you.

19- You have to transfer half of your personal belongings from the passenger seat to the back seat, and from the back seat of your car to the trunk whenever you have a passenger riding with you.

20- You have to make lists which point out why exactly you struggle.

Let's face it. Some people just struggle, and some of us struggle more than others!


Kristeee said...

Well I still love you.

kristen said...

This is the perfect post for you!! I love it.

So, 'fun run' is an oxy-moron. That's what they call it at my school and to me it is a contradiction of words. Since when is running ever fun?

I was loving the Tide-stain stick, only because I know that you struggle when you eat.

I also wish I could have seen you back up because you are in the wrong lane at the Airport. That's awesome.

kristen said...

Also, Kudos for another post so soon. I'm impressed!

jaime said...

Very funny list you have there, Foodie. I'm so glad that I could be a part of many of those "struggling" moments. What are friends for? :)

Truthfully, I think we all have those lists. I have an even longer one than yours. Remind me to tell you sometime about the time I got stuck on the driver's license course at the DMV. Good times.

Also, congrats on getting another post out so quickly. I didn't even have time to make a bet with Kristen. :)

shameonyou said...

A "built in shelf" huh? I guess you should just be happy that your bountiful shelf isn't a notch or two lower. See... things can always be worse.

foodie said...

Stains are less conspicuous on jeans, where they can be scrubbed out much easier, than on a knit shirt! I would rather that shelf not stick out so far, thank you very much!