Saturday, March 04, 2006


First off, I must add #'s 21 & 22 & 23 to my previous list. #21 I was reminded of by my good friend Jill, #22 I just remembered today, and #23 happened today. So, "You know you struggle when..."

#21- You turn left on a red arrow, but green light; and or you go straight on a green arrow, but red light.

#22- You drop your cell phone and it rolls under your car in the parking lot, so you must get all the way out of your car, shut the door, and get on your belly to reach under the car to retrieve it.

#23- You are in the "Gap" and while searching through the jeans for your size you notice a size "0 R" and you think to yourself, "What kind of a size is OR?" When in actuality the size is 0 regular.

Now, for my success of the day. Jaime, Kristen and I were shopping at the outlet mall today in Park City, Utah. We went to lunch at a little Mexican restaurant when we arrived, and upon return home we went to dinner at Wendy's. I must say that I escaped the whole day without spilling anything on myself! Not one stain befell my clothes today from food. Another exciting thing is I didn't even spill my water glass, or tip anything else over on the table which has been known to happen on occasion. YEAH ME!


jaime said...

Congratulation on your success!! I must say that I am very proud of you...and amazed...and get the idea. Glad I could be a witness to this because you will need witnesses you know...people might not believe this extraordinary story. Congrats! :)

kristen said...

"O R" Dude, I'm going to get a lot of milage out of that one. That was awesome.....and I am still laughing about it. You are probably confused because serioiusly, who is a size "0"?!

And congrats on the no spillage. I am very proud!