Friday, May 05, 2006

Lake Powell Adventures

Ok, so my adventures this summer at Lake Powell have finally begun. The not so fun part of it is, I am in the middle of the dessert with an extremely ghetto living situation. I don't know what I am going to do! Just kidding it isn't all that bad. I can do anything for about three months right?

I mean, I don't have to have cable, or a wireless internet connection in my room, nor do I have to have more than one working computer to share between 6000 employees the entire summer in the common room that smells like poo. I guess I can drive 20 minutes to the nearest town, and use the internet in the public library to post messages on my blog for my friends to be able to keep track of what I am doing for the summer right?

Does this mean I am spoiled because I don't like having to do all of these things? I probably have been spoiled, and I should be grateful for any communication with the outside world besides the US Postal Service. Gosh I am a shallow person!

Just a note for all of you who actually check this on a regular basis. Now that work has started and I have to make a little trip to be able to use the computers, I will try to post often, but in all honesty, I wouldn't expect more than one per week. Sorry if this inconveniences anyone, but that is just the way it is gonna be!

Here are a few pictures of my surroundings. I will try to get more once things sort of stabalize a bit and a routine is set. As of right now, I am one of two evening pastry chefs. Things are kind of boring right now because we are still in the beginning of the season, but I will report more on that once things pick up a bit. My shift is from about 2-10 p.m. right now (Arizona time, which is one hour behind Utah time. They are the same time all year round. No DST here!) and I am possibly looking to get a morning job, just to stay busy. I am so tired of sitting around in my "hole" doing nothing but watching episodes of "That 70's Show" and various other DVD movies which we brought with us and bought down there at Walmart (all of which have been watched by this point).

We came down last Friday because they told us that would be the only way to get into our rooms. Human Resources closed by 5 p.m. and would remain closed all weekend. Orientation started early Monday, so in order to avoid getting up at dawn and driving five hours to make it on time. All we did was go to Denny's, and Walmart a few times and just wander around Page, AZ. to give us something to do. We bought a Sega Street Fighter Game that you just plug straight in to the TV. I tell you, we got very desperate!!! Well, here are a few pics to give you an idea of what it is like around here.

This is one view around the dorms where we stay.
No one ever said this place was ugly!

But somebody should have said this place was long ago. "THE HOLE" as
we have affectionately deemed it. This is a view from the doorway. There is
another dresser to the right of the one in the picture.

Another view of my room from the opposite wall.
We bought tri-fold lounge chairs (the blue thing against the wall)
to watch TV or play our video game. That wasn't the
original intention, but since the actual water is a 30-40
minute walk from the dorms, we improvised a bit.

Just a quick update since I originally wrote this post. Things were going along alright down here until a couple of days ago when my friend/roommate decided she hated her job after two days and called her parents to come get her. She left yesterday afternoon. This is going to be an interesting summer since the majority of the people here are drunkards when they aren't working. Hey, now that is a new way of meeting lots of new friends while I am here...pick up a new habit! Yeah right. Either this is going to suck hard, or it will be a new, fun, and challenging experience for me. Three months is a long time when you are stuck in a "hole" with nothing but four DVD's you have already watched. Maybe I should steal some from my family when I go home next.


kristen said...

Yay! A new post!

Love the pics, and the digs....sorry about the crappy dorm room. Dude, you can do anything for 3 months. I'm sure you had worse places on your mission; I sure did.

I think you need to buy the entire Friends DVD collection. That ought to keep you occupied. I totally hear you about the no cable thing. I had that for 6 months living w/ the folks and it sucked!!

jaime said...

Glad you are back! You were missed! Now let's go play... :)