Saturday, September 09, 2006

By Golly I Think I've Done It!

After much headache, and enduring the summer from way down under, I think I may have finally finished everything so I can actually graduate. YES!!! HOORAY!!!

I think UVSC is plotting against me though. If it isn't fighting with my department advisor to return my phone calls so I may actually register for my internship, or trying to convince the Executive Chef that this job really does count as an internship, it is petitioning the school to give me my money back for a class I never took, and convincing the College that I really did complete all of my requirements for graduation. Even if my unofficial transcripts say I didn't!

I thought the hardest part of this ordeal was going to turn my evaluations into my Executive Chef. I feared he would finally tell me to my face (since I previously heard it through the grapevine he didn't think my internship was hard enough) this internship wouldn't count. That was the easiest part of everything. He was so awesome, made some small talk with me, and then I left before he realized where my internship was, and the whole situation regarding that!

The next step was going to pay the tuition required for the 8 credit internship. I was planning about $1200-$1300. Come to find out it was almost $1700. I knew tuition had increased again, but not that much. While goofing around on the registration site back in June, I registered for 8 credits just to get an idea of how much tuition would be. I thought I immediately dropped them all, but now they are telling me that I have an "unauthorized withdrawal" and holds all over my records because of it.

A 3 credit accounting class still on my class schedule for the summer. I never went, nor had any intention of going to it. According to the school, even though I thoroughly explained to them the situation, I still owe the money for the credits. I can petition to get it back, and get the holds on my records but that will take two weeks. Who can sit on that much money for two weeks!!!??? I get paid crap for working harder than my boss does, and doing his job for him, so that is certainly not working for me!!!

If that weren't enough, I just wanted to confirm that I had, in fact, completed all of the requirements for graduation. Granted this was an unofficial evaluation, so that gives me some hope that this institution for higher education isn't trying to screw me over! The transcripts read I have yet to complete the first two semesters of the core culinary classes. Meaning, the school thinks I haven't taken two semesters of classes that are pre-recquistites to get into the third semester of cooking classes, and to be able to complete my internship.

Which lame office assistant is responsible for that stroke of genius?


Kristeee said...

Man, what a pain! I'm sorry they're being jerky with you about everything. You should get yourself a cap (like cap & gown) and start hanging out your department offices and see how long it takes them then.

But just think, soon you'll be free! No more sucky tuition hikes for classes you don't want to take anyways, no more teachers who think they know everything and make you buy their books, no more parking at school and hiking for 40 minutes to get to class, and NO MORE HOMEWORK!!

Is there a celebration party planned? Like during the Priesthood session of conference? Just wondering...

foodie said...

Knowing my department, the Chefs would just look at me and then call campus security to come haul my toosh away!

We could always plan a little socail gathering or something during that time if you would like. Perhaps a Coney's trip or something!