Saturday, January 06, 2007

Restaurant Reviews

I have decided that I am going to start a new thing on my blogs. My name is Foodie, so therefore, I need to have more things to do with food right?! I am going to start reviewing every restaurant I go to from here on out. If you find that there is a place I should go check out, please tell me about it. I love to try to new places!

I have finally done it! There is finally proof that I am college graduate!!! It isn't anything to do with reviewing restaurants, but I guess it is part of my credentials to be able to do it!

I went with Shmeonyou21 to Park City for what we hoped would be a fabulous lunch at a nice sushi restaurant for which we had a $50 gift certificate. When we got there we found it didn't open until dinner time, so we wandered Main Street for a while to pass the time.

I am telling Franz all of my dirty secrets. We saw a hot skier that was so hot, we were both too shy to ask for a picture with him! I settled for Franz!a

And Sheila the Moose too!

Since we had some time on our hands (about three hours)before the sushi restaurant opened, and we were both so starving, we decided to get a light lunch beforehand. We went to The Hungry Moose Pub and Grill. We ordered two appetizers to share. The "Moose Fries" and the "Chicken Fingers." We figured appetizers would be small. They weren't
PROS: Large portions. Great Main St. location.
Drinks are $2.25 each. Huge portions. Service was very slow. Two TV's with no sound and no subtitles.

After lunch, we of course needed chocolate. What better place to go than RMCF? We needed to save our appetites, since we ate too much at lunch, and wanted to eat some good sushi in a little bit. We had to go put our purchase in the car!
PROS: Lots of choices of chocolate
CONS: Lots of choices of chocolate you can't decide!

The time finally arrived for sushi! The restaurant is called Oishi Sushi Bar and Grill. I have to say, it was pretty reasonably priced for being on Main St. in Park City. I didn't absolutely love it though. It was alright, and had some new varieties you can't get around here. I think I have still had better though.
PROS: Great location just off Main Street. Very friendly, cute, Australian Hosts. Wide variety. More on menu than just sushi. Reasonably priced. Close to underground parking.
Short sushi bar--not enough room for your feet and knees. Not open for lunch. Average tasting food.

The scene just as we left Main Street in Park City. Note to those who may be planning a trip in the near future. The sidewalks on Main Street are not shoveled, and very slippery, so you may need to wear boots. It is very cold up there, so you may need a very warm coat, not just a jacket. Esp. if there is any kind of a breeze blowing! Be aware that parking is slim pickings. I think we had it even tougher because there were some World Cup events taking place that week. There are some hot skiers. Be prepared for whiplash, and go with enough gumption to ask one of them for a picture!

There is be for the first installment of Foodie's Fabulous Food Findings! Stay tuned as there is sure to be more!


Anonymous said...

Great pics :)

Yay for having the actual paper finally!!!

Woohoo for restaurant reviews!

and I tagged you, ha, check out my blog.

Anonymous said...

I love the reviewing idea! And congrats on having your diploma in hand. I bet that was a happy mail day. :)

jaime said...

Congrats on officially being a college grad! I'm super proud of you. Also, I think that I like this restaurant review thing...can I go with you to review some of those restaurants? Keep the blogs coming because I can't wait to see which place will be next!

Anonymous said...

Okay, please, don't ever go back to that Moose place. My family went to dinner there one night over the Christmas break and it was just awful. The server forget absolutely everything we said to her, the food was so-so and not at all worth what we paid for it.

I'm having fun reading your reviews, though!