Tuesday, January 02, 2007

More Happenings and Stuff

In addition to my previous list of fun things that happened in January, my sissy announced on New Years Eve that she was also expecting! YEA!!! My parents are obviously thrilled. "More Grandbabies...HOORAY!" She is only three weeks behind my sister-in-law, so we are going to have two brand new babies around the house for Grandma to kiss their cheeks off!

I think that's it though. Unless I find out that I got hired on at Costco for real (not just seasonal), there will be another announcement. Until then, I think things will calm down a bit.

Last night I had the pleasure of going to dinner with my good friends Nemesis, and Rules for a Reason. Sometimes it is even that much more fun when you can just vent all of the frustrations that are going on in your life. Last night was much of the same. We are all three gorgeous, successful (they both have their masters degrees, and I finally got my associates degree), single women who don't like it when people think of us as having some sort of disease. In the Utah-Mormon Culture, we are sad sights to behold. There is something wrong with us because we are not married, nor seriously dating anyone at the moment.

We decided that since we are all fed up with the "Oh so sadness" that gets thrown our way, that we would come up with some little sassy comebacks to shut them up. I don't remember all of them, so hopefully one, or both will either comment on this post, or write one of their own to add to it.

My favorites:
  • Attack something they are most sensitive about. In my instance, it would be my mother's sons. Anyone who is really familiar with my family knows that the best way to get my mother angry is to say her son is cocky or something!
  • Tell them you are dying of cancer, or that you have some other form of disease. When they feel as though they have just stuck their foot in their mouth, you push it in even further by telling them how it really is.
  • Explain that you and your "partner" can't be legally married yet in Utah, so you are either going to move to San Francisco, or Canada; OR you had to break it off because of the above mentioned problem.
Why is it, that even when you do go on a date, everyone is already planning your wedding?

Why is it that everyone seems to think that you should be depressed, and sitting at home. Yet, likes to throw out the fact that you aren't trying hard enough to find a husband?

Why is it that everyone's uncle's cousin's great aunt's neighbor's friend's mother-in-law's dog's hair groomer who lives in Wisconsin is single, and you would be perfect for each other. Just for the fact that you are both single, and not actually compatible personality wise?

After dinner, I came home and cleaned up my apartment a bit, then snuggled into my bed and turned on Pride and Prejudice (the one with Kiera Knightly). I am pretty sure I have mentioned it before, but there is one line that I can relate to so very much. It is the part where Lizzy is outside swinging on the tire swing and her friend Charlotte comes to tell her that she is engaged to Mr. Collins. When Lizzy expresses her lack of enthusiasm for the union, Charlotte defends her decision:

"I am 27 years old, I've no money, and no prospects. I'm already a burden to my parents...Don't judge me Lizzy. Don't judge me."

The three dots are in place of the phrase "And I'm afraid." I didn't put that in the actual quote because I don't relate to that part so much. I am not going to be sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, and I don't care what you think! Just don't tell me how you think I should feel, or that I am not trying. If so, beware! I get angry just thinking about my mother saying that to me, so actually hearing it again may make me slap you silly!

On a lighter note. Here are some hotties you should take a look at. I would like to thank the folks at KiddieKandids.com for allowing me to borrow these without their permission!


Anonymous said...

Oh, they are so cute!!

And really, are you trying?

hehe, I'm kidding of course. I agree, you are gorgeous and smart and funny and a hard worker. Guys are just stupid sometimes and miss out on the great girls out there!

jaime said...

I think you are the greatest, and I guess that is all that matters, right? :) Anyway, don't get too down in the dumps...I am living proof that sometimes things just fall down out of thin air. You really never know. I wish I could have joined you guys last night. Glad you had fun, though. Oh, and those boys are so adorable!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I appreciate the compliments :) I think we are amazing.

You forgot about the one shared at funerals, for the senior citizens......so, when's it your turn?

I think my family got too excited about having a dentist in the family this past summer when dating dentist boy. Seriously, does 3-4 dates equal wedding bells? Too bad (for him) that didn't work out.

I'm sure the fam will fall out of their chairs in shock if/when the day actually does come.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't much impressed with the new P&P, but I was impressed with that scene that better explains why Charlotte goes off with Mr. Collins (who isn't near as good at giving me the heebie-geebies in the new one). Randon, being a computer programmer, has a shirt that reads, "no, I will not fix your computer." Maybe you should create shirts that say, "No, I will not go out with your neighbor's cousin's step-brother"?

In the spirit of things, I came across an e-card this morning with "Patience" as the label. The saying was, "Never run after a bus or a man. There will always be another one." The picture was a cuckoo clock though, so I'm not quite sure what that means...

HiveRadical said...

As a fellow, not yet wed, (though I'm a guy so you may have considerably less sympathy for me) I feel, to some degree your pain, being in Utah and having two younger sisters already married.

Enjoyed your post and the comments. If I was down Utah Valley way or had sufficient funds to finance a possible relationship at such a distance I'd venture to ask any one of you three on a date. But I already feel bad about the couple blind dates I've been set up on with friends of friends down in provo that I've been restricted from following up on for financial and time restraints and other peculiar circumstances. I don't want to lightly go into trying to set up encounters I can't maintain in any significant way.

foodie said...

In the spirit of finding quotes kristee, my friend shameonyou21 gave me this one:

"Men are like parking spots. All the good ones are taken, and the rest are handicapped!"

Anonymous said...

Hiveradical, thanks for the compliment. And yeah, it can get tricky trying to date from a distance.

Foodie, loved the post! You know I think you are fabulous.