Friday, June 22, 2007

From Japan to Mexico

I have told a few people of the possiblity of me taking a trip to Japan sooner than anticipated. This was due to the fact that Mitch had to leave this morning without his family, and they would join him a few weeks from now. My hopes were soaring high because I was the only one in the family (on both sides) with a passport who was not selling alarm systems for the summer and would not be able to go. How sweet would that be? An all expense paid first class flight (paid by my brother's agent's company), they already have the hookups as far as housing, food money, and stuff, so I wouldn't have been out hardly any of my own money. Where do I sign up???!!!

My hopes have since been dashed though. I tried not to have them too high as it was, just in case, but Tavi (my sis-in-law) was sad (obviously) about not being able to go with Mitch right now. She decided that she would rather her mom go with (I would have probably preferred that too if given the same situation) to help her with Easton and Cooper for that long of a trip. So they expedited passports for her parents, and she is going home to Kanab for the rest of the time until she leaves for Japan.

In the meantime, I guess I will just save my money for a cruise I am taking the last week of January. I am going with my friends Shameonyou21, her bf Randoval, and another of my friends, DiDi, who also happens to work with Shameonyou21. My trip is a Mexican Riviera Cruise for 8 days. Cities include Acapulco, Manzanillo, and Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa. The links I provided to those cities are different shore excursions, which I can pay extra for, and enjoy some extra fun outside of the ship. Some of the excursions I want to possibly experience (despite the costs) in each city are things such as the Dolphin Swim, in the city I can't pronounce. The cliff divers dinner in Acapulco, City Tours, Mexican Fiestas, Snorkeling, Jeef Safaris, etc in Manzanillo Some of those we can do in any city, and we can always spend a day at the beach and rent waverunners, and stuff, or rent mopeds and take our own city tours.

I best be getting my white butt to the tanning beds or I might come home looking like a burnt red pepper! Trade-offs I guess. Trade-offs!


kristen said...

A Mexico Cruise? Dude!! Jealous.

Yeah, you better start on that tan girl.

Kristeee said...

Ah, that sounds nice! There's nothing like a cruise for some serious pampering! One thing that I've learned in cruising is that you can almost always find (WAY) better deals when you step off the boat instead of booking the shore excursions through the cruise line. There are also usually places online where you can find the same excursions only for cheaper, if you want to book them in advance. In Ensenada, for example, we stepped off the boat and went parasailing for 1/2 the price in the shore excursion catalog. Just food for thought.