Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Hotties

Tavi (my sister-in-law) had these taken at Kiddie Kandids before they left for Kanab this week. Apparently, Cooper was a ham, so easy to work with, and so it made it hard to choose which prints to use. Easton on the other hand was kind of a pain, even though he usually loves his picture taken. He kept making faces at the photographer, and his mom had to get after him a little bit to knock it off and be serious!

I am going to miss them a ton while they are in Japan, but they will have a great experience, and I am happy that they will get to be with their daddy through this whole thing. I thought I would brag about my nephews just a bit with you all!!!

COOPER (13 Months)

EASTON (3rs. Old)



Kristeee said...

Cute, cute, cute! They'll both be so much bigger when they come back - then you can do the aunt thing and pinch their cheeks and make sappy comments on how much they've grown. Fun for you!

kristen said...

Cute. Nephews are fun.