Monday, September 24, 2007

Happiness & Drooving

Saturday was Shameonyou21's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! As for her age...let's just say she is about 15 weeks, and 4 days OLDER than I am! Man she's old!!! Her computer is down at the moment, so I can get away with saying that for a little bit anyway! As soon as she gets a new one, and logs on to see how my posting is coming, I will be dead, and my posts will cease!

Anyway, we went to Black Angus in Fort Union for the birthday dinner. Out of the ten or so people in our party, three of us did not have anything to drink. Because of that, dinner got extra happy toward the end with everyone telling us of their favorite drunk stories! Most of them were about our friend Krissy, bur Shameonyou21 and Randoval had a few of their own to add! Randoval made up his mind from the beginning that he wanted to drink...A LOT... and Shameonyou21 wanted to celebrate her birthday with a couple of fruity square cow somethings.

DiDi, and I were two of the sober ones at the table, and we rode up with Shameonyou21 and Randoval to the restaurant, so they said it was up to us to decide who was the designated driver between us. DiDi was very anti touching this "baby" of a vehicle, so the lot fell upon me, even though I didn't want to either. What else could I do though. Randoval was really happy, and Shameonyou21 said she was fine, and could DROOVE us home! Tons of RED FLAGS popped up all over the table, so I took it upon me to suck it up and just do it (like Nike tells me to do), cause there was no way I was letting either of them droove us home.

We made it fine, no big giant metors came flying out of the sky like I had feared, but let's just say that it was pretty much the worst experience EVER! Everyone was yelling at each other to shut up and let me drive, but the very next second someone was trying to tell me where to go and what to do. I yelled at them a few times, they snapped back, it was so much fun!

One of the highlights of the ride home was when we found a Pie Pizzaria in the same parking lot. Same fantastic restaurant, closer location. What's not to love? Anyone up for some pizza in about three weeks (when I hit my lifer status and have a month to work it off)?

Now if only I could get Mjillie to come down and play. Her birthday was last Sunday, so she is about 16weeks and 4 days OLDER than I am. Man, she's old too!!!!


mjillie said...

Hey now. Some of our computers aren't broken. Who you callin' old? I played on a jungle gym and some monkey bars the other day!! I am glad to see you have found the error of your ways and started to update your blog again. As for coming to play, I promise I am working on it!! Anyway, keep the posts coming.

foodie said...

mjillie-I forgot you check this often enough to catch that!!! LOL!!! I am gonna try to keep the posts coming as often as I can. I guess if nothing else, I always have my ski-breaks to help everyone laugh at me!

Kristeee said...

Wow, two posts within a week? I'll have to start checking more often again!

I'm glad that you rescued a car full of innocent people from drooving down the road . . . I'd hate to see all your pictures in my office from a nasty accident we have to reconstruct! Way to be a good friend.

Birdee said...

I always knew Nike would come through in the end. Genious. Simply genious. I haven't checked your blog since about three weeks after you posted your tongue pictures...nonetheless, I'm proud of you for stepping up even though it was the WORST experience! :)