Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sesame Street May Not Be Suitable For Children

This world is getting more and more retarded. Or maybe I should say to hell with all of the stupid people that go out of their way to ruin things for everyone else!!! I don't normally post about such "controversial issues" but with this I couldn't help myself. The earlier episodes of Sesame Street are now coming with a warning label on the package that the episodes may not be suitable for children. Adults Only...LAME!!! I love how this first article ends. There wasn't, nor is there anything (other than the newer, more politically correct episodes maybe) with this television show!!! Get a life people!





Kristeee said...

Oh. my. Stuff like this makes me shake my head in disgust. Sesame Street in the 80s was WAY better than it is now. Elmo's World ruined the show, in my opinion. They should've just done a separate show for him, instead of monopolizing what used to be a good show.

Cookie Monster was one of my favorites. And I never gobbled cookies like he did . . . because hello, I had a mom who taught me otherwise. I remember him eating a frying pan one time, too - and I never thought, "gee, that's a good idea." And so what if he had a pipe that he ended up eating? Again, my mom taught me that we don't smoke and that it was just silly. Imagine that, I learned from TV AND my parents. I guess that's too much to ask in today's society.

kristen said...

Give it to our messed up society to have to be PC. I noticed that the new intro is full of 'PC-ness': we have the Asian child, the black kid, the SpEd kid.....

And what was up with people thinking Bert and Ernie were gay? I NEVER EVER thought that.

Seriously people....get over it. I'd rather have my kid watch some fake character smoke a pipe and eat it than be indoctrinated in our school system with safe sex at the age of 10.

Birdee said...

As far as I remember the only thing cookie monster ever blew out his pipe was bubbles...people need to "grow-up" and get over it...sheesh. Oh, and bring back Grover!

Kristeee said...

I second Birdee's motion: Bring back Grover! He was my favorite monster.

FOODIE said...

OK guys, don't you remember Grover wore a tin can on his head and tried to fly around in a cape, and thought he was a super hero??? No to mention he was malnourished to top it all off!

How is that not damaging to children? They could cut themselves really trying to put an actual can on their heads, and climb up on the counters and jump off trying to fly!!! Bad influence that Super Grover was!!!

Kristen-Maybe Gordon will start to hand out those contraceptives to 10 year olds at his Grocery Store on Sesame Street. As long as we have to teach kids and be boring on TV at the same time...why not???

Stu said...

I got to say, there's nothing like the real world to make you laugh your butt off.

Thank goodness for irreverent shows like Family Guy and South Park. Anti-PC all the way! Oh wait... those aren't for kids either.

A heroine addicted Cookie Monster, gay Teletubbies, and a pedophile that uses his godlike powers of chemistry to create the Power Puff Girls.

What are we to do?