Monday, July 27, 2009

New Post!!! (arms stretched straight in the air in glee)

Don't fall off your chairs. This IS in fact a real post!!! I have recently fallen WAY off the wagon when it comes to the blogging world. OK, so it's probably more like AWOL instead of just falling off the back of a wagon.

There's been so much that has happened over the last almost three months, I think I just got so far behind, I didn't know where to even start. I think I am just going to do a quick synopsis of what has happened over the last little while. If there is something you need more clarification on something, just let me know!

  1. My baby sis got married at the beginning of may. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, gorgeous/awesome reception. Build-your-own Panini Bar, and candy buffet. Find ME a husband committee was founded.
  2. My older bro got a long awaited call up from the LA Dodgers. He spent about three weeks with them before getting sent back down to Triple A when a suspended Manny Ramierez returned. He had his very first hit, but didn't really get a lot of opportunities to get into any kind of rhythm since he mainly only pinch hitted. He still had a .308 average in 10 at bats which is still very good. Even got a double in one of the games! Whole family (except the bro and s-i-l and nephew in PA selling alarms) flew out to CA to watch his debut week!
  3. Softball team won our tournament championship after going 0-12 in the regular season. We had to play 4 games in one night to do so, and even beat one team twice in a row (beat them badly the second game). None of us thought it was possible at the beginning of the tournament, but we found ourselves a pitcher who was also a homerun hitter so that also helped a lot too!
  4. I got a new church calling. Gospel Doctrine Teacher. Can I tell you how freaked out I was. It's always been one of those calling I always thought I never wanted. I've only taught one lesson so far, but I can tell that it is probably going to be very good for, and I will probably learn more than I will ever teach.
  5. Ink Spot moved. We moved from one happy valley city to another. Family City, USA to be more exact. It is a lot bigger location, a lot nicer location, and a lot closer to Ma and Pa. State Street is a very busy place. Provo is just not the place to be any more unless you are a student. At least that's what we keep hearing and the feedback from those who have followed us. The move was hard on all of us, but no more so than our big embroidery machine. It got dropped off a forklift and is now outta commission. The insurance company is now playing games with us, and is trying to do everything in their power to jack us around instead of paying up to replace it, even though we have good insurance and have never had a claim in the 20 years of business with them.
Anyway, I think there is more, but I can't remember right now. It has still been three months after all!!! Keep your eye out for that sore thumb that might be coming your way in the next couple of days too!


ShamelessPhotography said...

Shocking. Quite shocking.

And I'm just talking about the fact that you posted. :)

liesel said...

busy lady! glad to see you haven't forgotten how to use a computer!

Grant and Stacy said...

Oh man, I'm just sick about the embroidery machine. What are you guys doing in the mean time? Does Charlotte have a job anymore?! Can't wait to hear about the thumb!

Nathan and Sarah said...

You will be a great G.D. teacher! That is exciting. Sorry to hear about your machine. How frustrating!

Kristeee said...


Classic Foodie word verification: flubster. I say "I pulled a flubster" works as "I had a ski break" :)

Jaime said...

Wow! I'm shocked to see a new post. But, I count myself lucky that I already knew about all of those things you updated us on. Yay for that!! :)

Yankee Girl said...

You'll do such a great job as Gospel Doctrine Teacher. Congrats!