Monday, January 11, 2010

Party At My House?

Do NOT fall off your chairs, this is actually a real post! I've been a bit AWOL from the internet world for the last couple of months (if it isn't already very obvious to everyone). Rarely got on my Facebook, and definately didn't post on my blog, nor read others' blogs. I don't have any lame excuses for why I haven't. I guess I just wanted a break or I didn't feel like it, or something. Who knows. I am back (for now, but hopefully longer) so don't get too upset with if my posts suck for a bit!

I've recently just had a birthday, and I am now officially in my 30's, rather than just being 30. Still not sure I like that, but at least this year blew last year's out of the water because I did not end up with walking pneumonia like last year. Hooray for not having walking pneumonia again!!! Anyway, with my birthday being shortly after Christmas, I wasn't entirely expecting anything huge. Especially with my Christmas present this year:

I think I've had the same little RCA TV set since, well, since I got my first very own TV like forever ago! YEA FOR HD!!! When my mom was helping take the ginormous box up my stairs one day, my roommate Nat noticed our other roommate Idyllic Ideas got the new Super Mario Bros game for the Wii for her Christmas present. Nat got really excited because she loves to play that game with her nephews. That apparently started the Wii-Ball rolling with my Mom, and secretly had Nat trying to get the scoop from me on if I wanted one too. I was apparently pretty dumb about it because now looking back, it was SO obvious!
Anyway, my fam was VERY good to me this birthday:
From Ma & Pa & Sissy's & B-I-L's & Brooklynn

From Ma & Pa & Sissy's & B-I-L's & Brooklynn

From Nat (I asked her if she got a good deal on the game in light of recent events, but apparently not!)

I got the cutest black cardigan and silver necklace from Brady & Lauren & Boston, and Mitch and Tavi and the kids got me an Old Navy gift card!

I think I am set for a bit, what do you think??? Anyone wanna be my friend again!!!

p.s. Lauren took some pics of the kids helping me blow out candles, so I'll post those when I get them!


Kristeee said...

Awesome! Sounds like you got spoiled - a good way to start the year!

Nathan and Sarah said...

You definately got the hook up! I wish I was there to come play with you!

goddessdivine said...

Dude, I want to be your friend!!

Yeah, spoiled. But 31-year-olds deserve that.

Yankee Girl said...

Happy (day late) Birthday. (I nearly did fall off my seat).

FOODIE said...

Kristeee-I think it was a very fabulous way to start the year as well!

Sarah-Too bad you gotta be in the middle of nowhere so we can't ever play! When you comin to vist?!

Goddess-31 year olds most certainly deserve it! I might start to wonder if all the girls nights from here on out involve coming to my house so I cn make dinner and you guys can play my Wii!

Yankee Girl-Thanks for the wishes (even a day late) my friend! Sorry to send you early off your seat!

liesel said...

happy late spoiled birthday my friend! Material things may not be everything, but man they sure can be cool when you get so many fun ones. Totally spoiled.

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