Thursday, February 22, 2007


For some dumb reason, I have been procrastinating posting about this restaurant. I called Miss Nemesis, and she was kind enough to email me some of her pictures from the evening. She complied very quickly, and I sat on my keister and didn't do a thing about them. Nem, I apologize! ::hanging head in shame:: Nemesis, her sisters Jenny & Megan, Kristeee, Jaime & Jake, Shelly, and myself all got together and went to dinner since Nemesis was going to be in town for the weekend. Anyway, here we go on a Culinary Adventure!

Greg's Restaurant for those who know about and frequent it, is known as "The Best Kept Secret in Utah Valley." I have actually been told this by a few people, and it is not just my extremely biased opinion! Greg's Restaurant is located in the McKay Events Center on the Utah Valley State College campus. The restaurant is run by the Culinary Arts Students, and is only open during the course of the school semester. During the Fall semester, they feature International Cuisine, and develop menus from regions all over the world, such as French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, etc. During the Spring semester, they feature American Regional Cuisine, and develop menus from regions all over the United States such as Tex Mex, Central Plains, Pacific Northwest, American Steakhouse.

The price is only $16.95 per person, and they only accept reservations. They have reservation times every Thursday and Friday night ranging from 6-8 p.m. It is a five course meal, served in various creative plate presentations. You can expect to pay $30-$50 on average at other fine dining establishments in the state. You get your choice of one item from each of the following categories.

Our theme/region for the evening was Pacific Northwest. For some reason, we didn't get any pictures of the salads, but you get your choice of that too! Here is how our evening went:


  • Trio of Grilled Bell Pepper & Eggplant Terrine
  • Deep Fried Salmon Croquettew/Caper Dill Tartar Sauce

  • Mussels in Thai Coconut Broth


  • Red Lentil Soup w/Walla Walla Marmalade
  • Green Pea Soup with Crab and Mint


  • Blackberry Barbecued Breast of Chicken w/Creamy Potato Salad, Shoestring Potatoes & Chinese Broccoli w/Crispy Garlic
  • Roasted Morgan Valley Lamb Top Sirloinw/Thyme Merlot Reduction, Spicy SweetPotato Hash Browns & Zucchini & Snow Peas w/Basil


  • Chocolate Mocha Something w/Cream & Cookies & Chocolate Shavings (Can anyone remember what this was really called? Nem was the only one who ordered it)!
  • Panna Cotta w/Strawberry Gelatin & Black Pepper Tuille

Key Personel:

Here is a copy of their menu this week, so you can get an idea of how menus vary.


Kristeee said...

So yummy! I say we have a reunion and make ourselves sick on the salmon croquette thingies. Mmmmm, salmon croquette thingies....

kristen said...

Probably a good thing I didn't go; All that seafood.......

ok, word verification: nSEXv

Nemesis said...

Yeah I ordered the Mocha Pot de Creme, and it was FABULOUS. And the "some reason" why we didn't get pics of the salads is that I was too busy inhaling mine to take them. I know . . . I know. So glad you wrote your review! We need to go again!

Heather said...

Ooh Amber, I'm very jealous. I miss it already. Looks like they got new plates, eh? All the fun stuff comes when we leave! Oh how I miss the days of culinary food- nobody here knows how to cook except for me, and food always tastes better when somebody else makes it for you!

jaime said...

That was such a fun evening...great food and wonderful friends. I want to go again very soon. Also, I wish I had ordered that Mocha creme dessert...yummy! And...I second the making ourselves sick with the salmon croquette thingies...yummy! :)

foodie said...

kristeee-now that we have the recipe for the salmon croquettes, you just let me know when and where, and I will be there!

kristen-you would have liked the blackberry chicken. It was very "safe." I too bad we weren't more on top of the menus because you would have come this week for sure: "American Steakhouse" DANGIT!!!

nemesis-I was SO very jealous when you let me taste your Mocha Pot de Creme dessert! The panna cotta was too gelatinous for me. Way to be different and order something else!

heather-well Mrs. Cheney finally decided to pop her head out of that sucking black hole that seems to be your new/old home of Medford, Oregon!!! I too was a little sad when I went back and saw they have new plates and did things a little different than we did. We will have to go again if you ever decide to come back and visit!

jaime-I thought the evening was a blast as well. You know I am always up for going, so you plan it, and I am THERE!