Tuesday, February 06, 2007

New Beginnings

As most of you already know, there have been many changes going on in my life. For those who don't know, here's the scoop.

I have moved again. Again you ask yourselves? Why yes, again! I am now in an apartment in Provo. In Provo you ask yourselves again? In Zoobieville? What was I thinking you say to your selves under your breath? I'll tell you what I was thinking!!! I was thinking that the good ol' Family Stake Singles Ward has finally worn me out. The thought of moving back home scared the ber-geez-ies outta me! I am in a new ward with a very much established R.S. so that fear is (hopefully) gone. The really ironic part is that it is also the 7th ward. (The old ward was the same).

I have two roommates; Erin & Debbie, and they are BOTH engaged. I knew Erin kind of from my friend who I bought the contract from. I didn't know very much about her, but I knew she was engaged when I moved in. Debbie just got engaged this past Sunday. Everyone (esp. my Dad) tells me that I better stick around because there must be something in the water. 3 marriages in less than 2 years time. Must be a record!

I am not entirely sure how to handle it, but maybe just because I am the newbie around here, that things seem a little extra awkward. But hey, what do I know, maybe they just REALLY ARE more awkward! I am still not used to having roommates even without all the awkwardness. I have my own room and my own bathroom, so that helps, but I think as time goes on, things will settle down and we'll probably just be friends, rather than roommates. They seem like they are way cool like that. I have felt very welcomed, and they are very friendly. Even told me they will help me scope out the Elders Quorum!!!

The Minor League Baseball team in the area offered me a fairly decent position (after I told them how they really needed me and how they couldn't do this without me.). I had to turn them down though, because with all of the new responsibility (about double plus some from last year) I only got offered $8.50/hour. I made $8 last year, and this year would have been a good add to the resume, but I was an intern last year, and that was all I cared about. I wanted to keep my mouth shut, try to ignore the idiot above me and just do my thing. I don't think these guys expected me to come into the interview with such an opinion!!! "Someone who thinks for themselves...don't know how to handle this situation." "Let us get back to you with your exact position responsibilities, and wage."

This year however, I have my degree, more experience and knowledge about the food industry than the two front office boys the mgmt. wants to run their concessions. I didn't have enough experience in concessions in their eyes, which is true if it was all about being the most qualified person for the job. I admit, compared to some, I may not have been. The killer in the whole thing, was that they wanted these two guys to be over the concessions on top of what they already do for the front office. Since these guys don't know anything about food service, or concessions at all, they wanted me to teach them how to do the ordering and stuff. I did it last year, but yet, I am not qualified enough. How does that work exactly?

I got a raise at The Spot. First one in like 6 years so it makes it really hard to actually break away from the family business and get a job in my field of study since I actually have a degree to my name. I hate being a grown up!!!


QueenMeadow said...

Being a grown up sucks sometimes. But meeting new friends can be lots of fun :)

Kristeee said...

In other words, "please let us pay you peanuts to run the show while my two nephews get the credit for all your hard work. In fact, I'll take what I could pay you and give it to them as a bonus." Ha! Politics suck. Sometimes I wish we could just go back to the barter system.

Growing up really stinks sometimes. Don't you ever just wish you could be 7 again?

kristen said...

Dude, I've really been out of the loop. I can't keep up with you.

Sucks having engaged roommates, doesn't it? Been there many times.