Sunday, February 18, 2007

"This Is Very Different From Downtown Provo"

That was the quote from a friend of mine when she walked into "The Pie Pizzeria" in Salt Lake City on Saturday. This person is as goodie-two-shoes as one person can be. I found this place through my friend Shameonyou21. I do not know where she heard about it from, prolly her sissy or something like that. It is a little underground establishment up on the University of Utah campus just a little bit North of their football Stadium.

"The Pie Pizzeria" really isn't like any place you have ever been before if you are from Utah County. The ambiance is dark, the music is loud, there are sports playing on the two TV's on either side of the dining room, and they serve alcohol!

I remember when I was in school, my fellow classmates and I were working up in Salt Lake at the Salt Palace for a few days one week. I suggested we all go here for lunch after our shift one day. There were a few of my classmates who were not LDS and ordered a beer to go with their pizza lunch. Another of my classmates was just recently returned from her LDS mission. She got so uncomfortable that she asked me for my keys to go sit in the car while we finished eating!!!

I personally love the ambiance. Maybe I am not as ultra-conservative as some others are either, but the darkness adds to the fun I think. You place your order right as you walk in the door, and they take your name. You go find your seat, and in a few minutes, they call you over the intercom and tell you to pick up your order (or in the event you ordered a whole pizza and not their express lunch by-the-slice, they will tell you that your "PIE" is ready).

I order their Cheese-Pull-A-Part every time I go. It is essentially a no-sauce cheese pizza with a top crust. Mmm, cheesy breadsticks!!! Their pizzas are heaped with cheese, and loads of toppings. If you just sort-of like a topping, this is probably the place where you will either learn to love that topping, or just learn to hate it all together!!! They have a wide selection of regular pizza toppings, plus a selection of gourmet toppings such as sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta cheese, and much more.

Here is a copy of their menu if you wish to check it out. I love this place, and if anyone who couldn't go, and wants to go, just give me a shout!!!


kristen said...

mmmmmm.......cheese-pull-a-part. If there's any reason to go, that would be it. I would be content on just ordering and eating that.

I have to admit, I think yesterday's pizza did not sit too well with me.

p.s. I hope the 'goodie-two-shoes' does NOT read your blog.

foodie said...

Kristen-That is too bad that the pizza didn't sit too well. I was just wishing I had a little more pull-a-part, and that chicken ranch pizza! BTW Goodie does not even know I have a blog, let alone read it!!!

jaime said...

Ohhhhh...I am so sad that I missed this event. I would love to go with you again. You say when! :)

shameonyou21 said...

How do I love The Pie???


The Pie sorta brings about thoughts of stupid frat boys, loud rock music, graffiti, and stuffing yourself so completely that when you walk out of the joint and look up the stairs you groan knowing that you might need someone to thrown down a rope. Then they can tie it to their jeep and haul your fat ass out. True story.

That said... "Randoval" is gone all this next week...

Call me... please!!!!

foodie said...

Jaime-You're the busy one around here, so YOU say when. I don't do anything anymore!

Shameonyou21-I do know how much you love The Pie. It is because of you that I love it also! Maybe while Randoval is gone we can go there and to that Italian restaurant we love so very much also that he wont go to!

Nemesis said...

Really sad I couldn't make it that day. Love the Pie.