Saturday, March 17, 2007

Texas Roadhouse/Bombay House

At long last, here we go I had heard that this restaurant was good, and some even went so far as to say it was better than Ruby River. Up to this point, even though I haven't been here since I started this food critic business, Ruby River has been my favorite steakhouse to date.

I know some will still disagree with me, and some will even say that others are better. All I have to say to that, is just let me know when and where, and I will show up with my anal retentive food critic hat on that reads in giant letters "I am reviewing your establishment, please treat me and my friends like dirt!"

The atmosphere is very western-like. As soon as you walk into the restaurant, you are immediately greeted by a giant barrel of peanuts. Much the same as you would at other western themed steakhouses. Grab a handful of peanuts and have a seat while you wait. The trash can for your peanut shells is simply the floor. It is no understatement when I tell you that you are walking on shells. It sucks for the poor, 16 year old, pimple-faced kid who has to clean up all of the shells at the end of the night, but never mind that.

Once you sit down at your table, you are once again greeted with peanuts. A smaller tin bucket awaits you the moment you sit down. Good idea? Bad idea? I guess that depends on how much you like or dislike peanuts, or how many peanuts you ate during your time spent waiting for your table.

I also ordered the garlic mashed potatoes, but I think the next time I go, I am going to have to order some veggies if I get the same dish. A little too much starch on one plate for my liking, although the potatoes were very The menu selection is very broad, the prices are very reasonable for a steakhouse, and the side selections are also numerous. I decided upon the tenderloin medallions. Three, 3oz. medallions of one of the most tender cuts of meat you can get. It is served over a bed of rice pilaf, and your choice of a shitake mushroom sauce, or a three peppercorn sauce. I could not decide between the the two, so they were kind enough to give me a half and half--no extra charge!!! They were both very delish! I liked them mixed rather than I did separately though.

For once, I did not have a bad experience at a restaurant. The waitress was very friendly, very much on the ball with drinks and refills, clearing plates, checking on us...but not over bearing. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone. You just might need to experience the true ambiance and good food without me, so I don't jinx your first experience!

I am not going to say much about this restaurant. If you are in the mood for a good ethnic experience, try this place out. All of the dishes you can make as hot or as mild as you like. Just a warning though, the curries are a little on the spicy side even if you order them mild. You will start out thinking they aren't so bad, you will possibly even get a sweet flavor when you first take a bite. Then as soon as you swallow, maybe even take a couple of bites before the curry kicks in, but you will soon start to feel it in the back of your throat. You will even be tempted to make the same noise, and wiggle our fingers on your throat, just like Will Smith does in his movie "Hitch" when he has that allergic reaction, just before his face swells up like a giant balloon!

Anyway, don't be afraid to order a few dishes if you are in a group, and be sure to order some flat bread called Naan. The Chicken Tikka Masala is also another recommendation. I tried the shrimp curry--medium heat, which was very good, just got a little too hot about half-way through. My lips were burning so much that I couldn't finish the rest (other than the actual pieces of shrimp that is)!

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kristen said...

The Texas Roadhouse sounds good. Mmmmm......steak. We'll have to go sometime (although maybe we should leave you home; ha, ha)