Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cake #1

I have officially been deemed a pastry chef by a couple of my friends, Chocoball, and her life-long friend Angister. Back in December/January, I got a phone call from these two asking me if I was a pastry chef.

I replied that I wasn't really, but then inquired as to why the scary question!

They then said they were hoping I could/would make their wedding cakes for them in a few months.

Very hestitant, I agreed to the task. I reminded them that their cakes would be my first, and that I would require the help of a friend who makes wedding cakes a lot for friends, family, etc.

They assured me of their confidence in my abilities, and that they would still love it if I could do this for them. I agreed, and the stress bagan!

Thanks to 50Cent-Jen for all the help, and for the use of your abilities, advice, and most importantly, for the use of your equipment!!!

These pics are all of Angster's cake! Chocoball's cake will be appearing in two weeks, and believe me when I tell you, it will be quite the cake!!!

The difference a stupid border makes!

Angister's cake-topper was a crystal Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple

The finished product as delivered to the reception center.
(Bottom & top layer were chocolate cake, with chocolate mousee filling. The two middle layers were white cake. The middle-bottom layer had a raspberry puree with whole raspberry bits for the filling, and the middle-top layer had the raspberry puree/raspberry bit filling along with some of the chocolate mousse filling on the top of that).

Despite the not-so-warm welcome from the stupid owner of the reception center, we thought everything turned out very well. The happy couple was happy with the results, both the look, and the taste (at least to my face which is what really matters); some of the guests' comments were nice...even when they didn't know I made it; and the bride's parents thought it was great too (they were the one's who paid me for it so that makes a big huge difference)!

Feel free to critique it, compliment it, rip on it, whatever. I was happy considering this was my very first attempt at this gig!!!


QueenMeadow said...

Great job!! I love the subtle color stripe in the middle of the cake :)

Very impressive.

Kristeee said...

I'm so impressed, Foodie! That's awesome that you're able to do stuff like that. Good job!

foodie said...

QUEENMEADOW-I like how simple the colors make the overall appearance seem! Someone asked me, after looking at one of the pictures, how I got the colored stipe so perfect all the way around. I told them it was very simple...RIBBON!

KRISTEEE-I was surprised myself at how relatively simple the whole process was myself! It is a little time consuming, but overall not too bad!

Heather said...

You're amazing! I never thought you would let yourself tackle a wedding cake, but I knew you could do it!

kristen said...

You got skills girl. I could never make anything half that nice. There's a reason Costco exists.....

foodie said...

HEATHER-I couldn't believe I allowed myself near a wedding cake either! I guess it wasn't so bad considering 50centJen was nearby. My mom even told me that she would have been a lot more nervous for me had I not had help!!!

KRISTEN-I too am a big fan of making someone else do the work, whether I could or could not do it myself. Sometimes I think it is just more fun to not have to deal with the stress and mess of it all!!!

Nemesis said...

Woah, check you out! I've been out of the loop and this is VERY impressive. Go you!