Friday, May 11, 2007


I stumbled upon this blog while seeing if anything was new in Cheneyville.

I don't use T-Mobile, so I have no real opinions, but I think all cellular phone companies are all the same. They are all in it to gouge the little guy. Does it stop me from using their products. Not really. I hate how expensive they are, but I am the type of person who will pay a little bit extra to have a little more conveinience. (i.e. paying $100 for a flight to Boise, ID. or Las Vegas, NV.) rather than spend 6 hours in a car driving. I hate driving!

What are your thoughts on this? I would esp. like to hear if you use T-Mobile, and have ever used it in more smaller, rural areas rather than in more urban areas, such as Salt Lake/Provo.


Kristeee said...

Wow. That sucks. I had T-Mobile for a week and didn't like it, but it was just the phone I didn't like. So I switched back to Verizon (I had Verizon, BlueEyes had T-mobile and we consolidated but he hated their phones too so we both switched back to Verizon) and we haven't had any problems. I've been with them since 2000 with no complaints. The T-Mobile store people were exceptionally rude to me, but that was my only complaint about them (besides their crappy phones).

QueenMeadow said...

I have T-Mobil and have had them for 4? years now. I did have crappy phones for the first two years, seriously crap. But have had no problems since. I do have a dropped call from time to time but nothing regular.

I do not live in a rural area but I do visit rural areas from time to time and have gotten just fine service.

I do not get service in the basement of UVSC though, so um....there? lol.

The T-Mobil guy at the Provo mall did rip me off once but the customer service agent, on the phone, was very nice and said to never agree to anything with a store salesman if they call you, lol.

kristen said...

Um, that guy has a few issues and I had a hard time getting past some of his grammatical errors (and the lengthy diatribe). Seriously, to create a blog about hating T-mobile and a blog about hating gold's gym?

I've been with T-mobile for almost 7 complaints. I get great service in most places (except my school dangit!) They've always been nice and and friendly to me--but I've only called them a few times. The phone I have now drops calls every now and then, but it's an older model I got for a good deal.

My parents are with Sprint, and while they get like one bar in their neighborhood I get 5 bars. My sister had the same problem with Sprint in Vegas....she switched to T-mobile. I don't visit rural areas, so that's not a problem. I do get service pretty much all the way down the I-15 to St. George; not bad.

I don't do Verizon for political reasons (shocking!) They contribute $ to organizations I don't agree with.

And now that I've written an essay, I'll shut-up now.

Shameonyou21 said...

I've had T-mobile for as long as they have been T-mobile. They used to be some crack-pot service called Voicestream and I had them then, which is why I still have the most smoking deal on a large amount of minutes in the cell phone world.

::doing the cell phone dance of glee::

Its so great that now, even though I don't use as many minutes as I used to when I first got it I won't get rid of it because I am that stubborn. That aside, in the beginning service was rough, but I really haven't had any complaints in years. I have service nearly everwhere I go with the exception of some dead spots up South Fork in Provo Canyon, but really thats to be expected. Randoval used to have Qwest/AT&T and dropped calls incessantly while at home in Lehi while I never had a problem.

I only have a small gripe about their phones, they've pretty much always had what I wanted to buy (I have a razor now) BUT they come in very limited colors. Their phones have sim cards which some people like to cry about since you can't get any phone you want, but I think its a nice payoff for NEVER having to reprogram your life into a new phone. You just move the card.

I think all over the net you will find people who have had problems with their service/provider. There are probably 'I Hate' webblogs for every service out there. For me, T-Mobile has been nothing but great and I don't have any inclination to change to another service. Its too bad they had such a horrible experience.

amyjane said...

Yikes. I've had Verizon for years and years, mostly just cause my family was on the network and it was cheaper but I've never had a moments trouble there.

Ammon and Heather Cheney said...

COOL I'm glad my blog is already getting some publicity. I still want to add some features and the final details, stay tuned for how the story ends!
I was a big T-Mobile advocate in Provo, after three years of service they were always nice on the phones to me. I only dropped a couple calls the whole time, AH! BUT WHAT! When they suck, they really suck! If the person on the phone can't help you and you demand someone higher, they get ruder at each step! I was amazed at the total lack of concern they had for customer service. I agree they are probably all same when the contract works against the customer. But we have Cingular now, because it offered the coolest free phone. Heather now gets service in the home! US Cellular is supposed to be the best for our area.