Sunday, March 02, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I am sure you have all noticed my lack of blogging, and wonder why I would put myself behind in the great blog-off. Trust me, it is/was not on purpose. Friday I came home from work to a not-so-cute blue screen that says

"Beginning dump of physical memory."
"Physical memory dump complete."

I obviously freaked out...did a hard shut-off of the computer, and tried to boot it up again praying that it will work. Not-so much! I would get a black screen with a little cursor, or just a solid black screen with nothing, or I would get the blue screen with that evil message again.

Just like Shameonyou's evil computer with horns, mine is also called dell, and I REALLY HATE dell now. I never really had that many issues with it, but now is a whole other ballgame!

I had just ran a virus scan on Thursday, realizing I hadn't done it in a while...and nothing came up. Yesterday and today, there were times where dell would boot up...act normal for a few minutes, and then do one of those not nice things I mentioned above. I try to open it in the "safe mode" and it doesn't like that at all. Last night my friend and I got a few extra minutes in a "de-bugging" mode, but it still isn't working.

This week started as any other, and ended very frustrating. I don't have the money or the knowledge to even begin to try to fix this, and to top it all off, after spending $50 to get my car able to pass inspection (tail/stop/head lights and windshield wipers) my driver's side brake light STILL doesn't work!

I barely have enough money to get the stupid taxes paid to get it registered (it expired at the end of December by the way), let alone now have to pay a freaking mechanic to look at the wiring of the stupid light! UGH!

As far as the blog-off is concerned, I am just going to concede the stupid contest since some of the participants think its funny that my computer broke. Work is getting busier, and my dad is getting less and less amused that I have been playing on the blog so much anyway. I will just let Shameonyou21 run-away with the thing, and I just don't care anymore! I have enough stresses going on, I don't want any more, nor do I want to have to run to my parents every day or to work after hours just to blog.

I will still try my best to get you a good amount of posts, so as to keep with my goal. I love you all. Peace out for now!


QueenMeadow said...

((hugs)) computers just suck sometimes!

Maybe you could do a trade, cook a few meals (depending on how much work it is) in trade for someone to fix your 'puter?

FOODIE said...

Queenmeadow-I might be able to go for something like that!

Shamelessly said...


That must be the PMS talking. I never knew a Jones to concede. Besides, I had virus problems all weekend and barely got my evil Dell working AND you're three posts ahead at the moment. So I'm just gonna ignore that concede thing cause I know you're crabby at the moment.

Kristeee said...

Poor Foodie. You and computers just don't play well together, now, do you?

Stu said...

Let me just say that in my opinion, any computer with a brand name on it is a piece of garbage. Learning how to build a computer may be the smartest thing I ever accidentally did!