Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Christmas

Some--not all--of my Christmas Presents...(in no particular order)
All ten seasons in this one little box. It also came with a triva book. My sissy and I quizzed each other all Christmas morning and then died laughing at each question!

The first season. Nats got me addicted to it in like season 5, so I have been recording the old re-runs on the soap channel while I run on the treadmill at my parents house! I was always asking her questions, so she finally figured I needed to start from the beginning. Go Figure!

Both sweats are supposed be black. My sissy Megs gave me these, and I wear them all the time they are so comfy!

I love me some Gap lotions. This is a new kind I guess but I love it!
I have wanted these for a very long time. All it took was me ordering them and telling my Mom and Dad to go get it. If I would have known that, I would have ordered them a couple of years ago!

Hot pads, and towels to match. I guess it's a good idea I start wearing an apron when I cook anyway seeing how I always end up with crap all over myself (among other places as well) in the process!

What is some nice cookware without any utensils to use with it?! I am kinda excited for the potato masher...even though I don't know what I am going to use it for...I usually just use my kitchen aid to make smashers!

Serious food lovers is right! How perfect is the name! Gotta remember that site for next time I need a perfect present for someone!

Again, what good are pans without the essentials to back it up? I am always calling my Mammy for certain recipes out of this book. Guess she got tired of it! I went through it page by page Christmas Day. How sad is that?!

Shamelessly wasn't too thrilled with my blue liner purchase not long after I switched into the bigger room with my own bathroom. I have never been one with the "eye for decorating" like her or most other people. I thought I did a fabulous job of organizing the towels all by myself don't you?!

Digital Picture Frame Keychain...Shamelessly put some very momentous pics on there to start, and then thought I could show off my nieces and nephews in the process since I usually have them all over my phone anyway!


goddessdivine said...

Score on the gifts....especially the first one. The entire Friends collection? Awesome. I'm still working on completing mine (three more seasons to go!)

I got myself a pair of Aero sweatpants too! I bought a gray pair 2 years ago and have loved them. This year I added chocolate brown.

Shamelessly said...

As I was once told LONG ago by someone who is a stickler for rules and fairness (Diana), "A blog post with all pictures does not COUNT in the Great Blog Off".

That said... Fun stuff!! CUTE bathroom lol. I want some of those little ball hook thingies for myself!! And as far as the first one goes, I know what you and Natalie will be doing for the next three MONTHS lol.

liesel said...

oooh! nice stuff. You'll be busy for a while.

Kristeee said...

I love the bathroom stuff. Cute! Looks like you made out like a bandit this Christmas; apparently you were a good girl this last year!

FOODIE said...

GODDESS-I wasn't even expecting them! I of course have wanted them for sometime now, and I knew about a lot of my Christmas presents beforehand, so that one totally made my day that much better! We should bust out one of the seasons you DON'T have sometime!

SHAMELESSLY-Shall I go back and edit the post so as to include captions so it is not "just pictures?" As for the next few's been nice knowing you!

LIESEL-I'll be cooking while watching! You know...use as many gifts as possible all at once!

KRISTEE-Good girl or something! I ordered the pans and pa just picked them up and paid for them! We gotta bust out that game sometime. Some of those questions are actually pretty tough!

Shamelessly said...

And NOW you have a blog post worthy of the blog off. GOOD WORK.

Prilla said...

Better Homes and Gardens cookbook is by far the best cookbook on the market. You can't go wrong with any of the recipes in that book. Love it.
And I'm a little jealous of the friends dvd's.

FOODIE said...

Shamelessly-Glad I could contribute to the blog off!

Prilla-I am excited to start using the least more than the "hey mom...what was that recipe again from that red checkered book?!" Of course it will be WHILE watching my Friends DVD's!

Mrs. Sugar Smitten said...

I am so jealous of your pans! You better get cooking. Hey have you talked to Jen since she had her baby?

Grant and Stacy said...

Looks like a good Christmas!