Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Am Getting All Domesticated!

Sorry I have been MIA the last few weeks.  My body knew it was getting old, so it decided it wanted to catch the worst cold I can remember getting in a very long time!  I am finally back, so stay tuned for a lot more posts!  
Between Christmas and turning a really ripe old age, I am finally starting to get all domesticated!  It all began long ago...just kidding...a couple of years ago I got my very first Kitchen Aid Mixer.  I thought I scored big time back then, let me tell you!  Then for my birthday last year I got an angled liquid measuring cup.  That way you don't have to crouch down to eye level to see how much liquid you poured into the cup.   Trust me, it's cool, you just think you are too cool for the measuring cup!

 This Christmas I got my very first shower curtain and set of towels.  Not to mention my stainless steel cookware with utensils to actually be able to cook!

As the day of old age came and went, I got my very first down
which was SO VERY needed!  It was one of those things  that you just don't think of to ask for.  At least I didn't.  I guess I complained too much about being cold all the time or something!  

Next, since I didn't get opportunity to create my wish list, I got a gift card to a very helpful store--Target.  One night as my roommate Nats and I were making ourselves grilled chicken salads for dinner, I realized how much I have grown to dislike soggy, wet lettuce.  You know even though you drain out what water is left after washing said lettuce, it is still very damp and
 soggy.  Unless you plan on eating the leftover lettuce in a salad for breakfast the next morning,
 the gross brown spots have already begun to form.  Forget it!  

I discovered this handy little contraption while in school, a salad spinner, but didn't think to buy myself one until this gift card presented itself!  I even forced my mother to buy one about a year ago despite her thinking she didn't need or want one!  How messed up is that?  Trust me, once you use one, you will never go back to soggy, watery lettuce again!

Lastly, the main reason for thinking I am becoming all domesticated, is this last present I got.  My very own, very first,
 crock pot!  I always borrowed my Mom's whenever I decided to make something in a crock pot.  That happened only once, twice at the most, because it was a pain to haul the thing back and forth all the time!  It is 6qts. so even though I won't come close to even filling it all the way up for just my roommate and I, there is always the occasional dinner party!!! (hint hint)

Now that I am acquiring more "stuff" let's hope my landlord doesn't decide to sell the place to someone who will not continue to rent it out so I don't have to find a way to move it all somewhere else!!!


SHELLY said...

Happy Birthday you big 30-yr old!!! We need to go have a party for you, or at least go out to dinner and tell them it's your birthday so they'll sing to you and bring you fishy cherries in your ice cream (which is what my cherry smelt like when we got sushi for my birthday). I'll call you soon so be prepared to go out.

QueenMeadow said...

Wow, you are one domestic goddess, look at you!

Looks like someone is falling behind in the walking/running challenge, ahem.

FOODIE said...

Shelly-Thanks! Gimme a jingle and let's go! Mmm..Sushi?

Queenie-I am a goddess aren't I! Anyway, I am falling behind in the challenge because all but 13 miles are mine! My partner got sick, then pregnant, and then sick again...I am alone! Now, I got sick, and have been MIA all week, when I was almost all caught up!

goddessdivine said...

Ok, dinner party at foodie's!! Seriously, we have to put all this stuff to use.