Friday, January 23, 2009

Thirty, Flirty, But Definitely NOT Thriving

Have I mentioned to anyone yet that being 30 sucks so far?  I have been sick for almost exactly 3 weeks straight now!  I remember it all started on a Monday, and I woke up with a scratchy throat.  Well the sore throat came and went but then developed into a major head cold.  That started clearing up until the sore throat came back with a vengeance (all within a week's time)!  
I spent my birthday just a little achy but I could feel it was getting worse.  Sunday, I couldn't make myself even go to church, but the more I got up and showered I felt well enough to go have birthday dinner with my family.  Monday was the last straw.  I stole the batteries out of my roommate's remote (AAA) to use in her flashlight to check the redness of my throat.  I thought it was strep, so after learning my Doctor was booked for the day, I forced myself to go to the InstaCare facility nearby.  

After the strep test came back negative, the Dr. told me it was probably a secondary infection caused by whatever infection initially caused my head cold.  I was given an antibiotic "Z-Pack" which cleared up the sore throat and sinus issues pretty well.  

All last week I had this little hack that continued to get worse and worse as the week progressed.  I went and bought some Robitussen cough syrup but after spending this past Tueday night (almost ALL night) hacking so hard I wanted to puke, I thought it was time to visit the Dr. again.  By this time I had been on Nyquil/Dayquil for sinuses, Antibiotics, Nyquil (but the regular syrup this time), and Robitussen.  I am still getting more sick.  How is that possible??!!

Again, my Dr. was booked but at least an associate in the same office was available.  After an hour and a half wait in the waiting room, the Dr. listens to my lungs, and asks me a bunch of questions (beyond the ones the nurse asked me before he got there).  He tells me he isn't liking how my breathing/lungs sounds so he wanted to get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia.  X-ray tech was out to lunch!  He decided that instead of making me wait or come back, that an  x-ray probably wasn't 100% necessary, unless I wanted it.  How do I know if I want it or not, I am not the Dr. that's why I am here!  

I told him it was his call cause I just want this sickness gone!  3 sicknesses in 2.5 weeks.  I will do whatever it takes!  I didn't have the x-ray, but got two new prescriptions for stronger antibiotics, and cough syrup (w/codine).  So, with my high deductible it came to $150.  The pharmacist warned me before filling it, and asked what I wanted to do. 

Let's see, not get better because you are a cheapo, and really end up with a full blown form of pneumonia and be in the hospital for who knows how long--which would only cost a freakishly tiny bit more than the medicine would.  I opted for the medicine cause I am tired of spending the entire month of January wishing I could trade in my immune system for a better one!  I have to go back in a week if I am still not 100% better, so all I have to say is, 


I hardly ever get sick, and this one definitely takes the cake for the worst one in forever.  I didn't really have another choice, so hopefully February (and let's hope the last week of January too) goes MUCH better! 


Grant and Stacy said...

Sucks! I'm sorry. I know when I'm motivated by chocolate, I'm willing to do anything! Hope it works for you body, too!

Shamelessly said...

I'm very sorry for you and your hacky-ness. And you know that I have little sympathy for those who are sick after over a year of having a sinus infection. I've kinda gotten to the point where I'm like, "You've been sick two weeks? Boo! Cry baby!" LOL.

Chronic sickness has made me ornery.

I did notice that sick you struggles WAY more then usual you and that's saying a lot. Then again it could be all the drugs! LOL. I hope you get better soon!!

Kristeee said...

How sad! I hope that your body cooperates and kicks this sickness soon. It's no fun being sick for so long.

Jaime said...

Feel better soon, my friend! Oh, and mmmmmm....chocolate!! :)

goddessdivine said...

Dude, I had that illness twice last year.....and it kicked my butt both times (also requiring dr visits and antibiotics, etc). It sucks man. Hope you're feeling better.

Oh, btw--your body just goes downhill from here. Turning 30 sucks!!