Sunday, October 16, 2005

Exciting Information

So the other day when I decided to wake up [at noon], first words out of my mom's mouth were:

1-Tavi is pregnant
2-Brady is in love

Tavi, for those who don't know, is my sister-in-law. She just found out that she is going to have another baby which will be due around June. Nothing is for certain yet, she still has to go to the doctor. We are all kind of hoping for a girl--not that we care if it happens to be a boy, just hoping for someone who might be able to calm Dennis the Mennace (Easton) down a tad.

As I am sure you are all falling off your chair with disbelief, Brady, my brother the commitment fobe is in love with the very girl who told him she wasn't going to sit around and wait for him any longer. We all really like her--especially because it takes a very strong woman to be able to give Brady the kiss off! After she did that, Mr. "I am lowering my standards a little" decided that he really liked this girl. I guess he finally told her the other day that he loved her, and she returned the sentiment.

This appears to be headed toward marriage, which is good, but then all of the attention is going to then be turned toward me. The focus has been primarily on Brady and how picky he was, and how he was never going to get married. I better hurry and move out and stop working for my father or I am going to get real tired, real fast of the criticism once Brady decides that they are going to get married!


kristen said...

So, I almost fell out of my chair upon reading of Brady being in love. I totally knew that if that girl gave him an ultimatum he would realize what a dumb boy he is (no offense to your brother--most boys are dumb) and that he could lose her. Go her! (I don't know her name, but she has my respect!)

So, you're going to be like me--the only one in the fam not married. It's real fun. You are right--you're going to need to move out and quit working w/ dad. The more time you spend with them the more they will remind you of how single you are.

foodie said...

Well...I am not the only one not married. I still have my litle sister Meagan, and she is 16. Either way, I agree with you and the fact that I am a gonner!

Anonymous said...

That is pretty awesome that you're doing culinary arts... where are you going through the program? I am starting a culinary program in January and I am stoked. You're pictures are beautiful!

foodie said...

The culinary arts program is through Utah Vally State College in Orem, Utah. I was on a waiting list for about two semesters to get in, but it is such an awesome program for as little as it is!

Streets of Belfast said...

I am shocked! Shocked! But really,until I read the blog about their wedding, I'm not going to be holding my breath. Congrats on Tavi's news. I bet your mother is beaming.

kristen said...

that's right. I forgot you have a sister still in high school. People still get married at 16.......(J/K, I know this isn't Arkansas)