Monday, October 17, 2005

Ice Sculpture

As some of you already know, we did ice sculpting in class a couple of weeks ago. These ice sculptures were used at the big scholarship dinner on we had last Friday, so they had to be presentable. My partner and I chose to make a lighthouse since the theme for my cold hors d'eurves project was dealing with seafood (you know the whole 'coastal' thing). We searched the internet and found some ideas, knowing full well this whole idea of scupting this structure could go to pot at any given moment. It doesn't help that people like Bossy were telling me that it was going to be so hard to do, and we might want to pick something else. To heck with them! As we already all know the ice sculpture turned out great, so Bossy can just kiss mine!

I was very nervous to attempt this ice sculpting idea for many different reasons. Let me relate my fears to you like this:

  1. I am not artistic/creative in the least bit--let alone try to create something normal out of a 30"x40" block of ice! Who do you take me for, Wonder Woman? HARDLY!

2. We had to use chain saws, chisels, and power tools. I struggle every day trying not to burn myself on the ovens or cut myself with my knives, and you want me to pick up something that has the potential of cutting off my foot?! Yeah right! My good friend, Shameonyou21 and her mother, put it perfectly when they found out what I was doing and and what I was using to make this ice sculpture. She said,

"It isn't so much the fear of you having to use the chainsaw and power tools to do this. That is scary enough as it is. But it is the thought of you using these things that scares me the most!"

Ok, so that was pretty much it. Those two fears really encompass all of the other little fears that go along with it. Here are a few closer pics of what we made, even though there were a couple from the blog that had the pictures of the dinner.

The one on the left is the one we got off of the internet, and the other two are just different variations of the one I made with my fellow sculptor! These were taken inside the walk-in freezer at school, so I apologize for the quality of the pictures, some people just don't know how to use a camera. The middle picture has something in front of it, so it looks a little wierd in the corner. As with many things, you would have had to see it in person. It was amazing to see what any amature could do with the right tools!


shameonyou21 said...

Of course I worry about you using power tools!!! You can't even eat a Frosty without having SOME sort of accident.

I take that back.

You can't eat ANYTHING without having some sort of accident. lol.

I'm just happy you still have all your digits. And your sculpture was GREAT!! Good job!!

I'm just really excited that you did something creative that didn't use corks and googlie eyes!!! LOL.

Mister Lainey would be so proud.

foodie said...

You're just still bitter that our locker zoo freaked you out!

shameonyou21 said...

Not "our" locker zoo... YOUR locker zoo. And might I just also add that HELL YEAH I'm still freaked out about it! They stared at me. was creepy.

foodie said...

I ran into Mr. Brundage last night at the movie theater. Yup, he's still as scary as ever. Of course he didn't know who I was, and I wasn't about to say anything. Maybe that is the same freaked out feeling you have toward my googlie eyed cork animals!

shameonyou21 said...

LOL!! How is "Wimpy" anyway?

He was probably the only teacher that could make a handfull of startled students simultaneously stop mid-chew in fright.

He scared you so bad you probably farted. lol