Friday, October 28, 2005

Follow Up

I took Chosha's advice, and republished the Ice Sculpture post in the correct order. She made it sound so easy, and really I didn't even realize I could change the date on it and re-post it. Anyway, thanks for the tip!

Just a quick follow-up for you all about the Pink Elephants post. We got all the shirts re-printed with the "o" in the correct place, and gave them back to the BYU Spanish Club girl who placed the order, etc. She takes all these 50 shirts to give to her professor, and he doesn't think they look very good! If someone had no idea that there was a mistake in the first place, and looked at the shirt, you can't tell me that they would even notice! STUPID BYU PROFESSOR!

We had to reorder all the shirts and basically re-do the entire job over again. Granted that is probably what I would have done if I were on the other end of the spectrum, but given the fact that I am not, I AM TICKED! Ok, ok, I am settled back down now. It probably just gets me a bit more upset than it normally would for the fact that:

A. The messed up shirts will probably come out of my paycheck and sit in a dusty pile until next summer when my family decides to have another messed up T-Shirt yard sale so that all of the Polynesians in the area come to and try to bargain me down from $1.00! (I have nothing against Polynesians, nor do I intend to make this into a racial thing, it is one true example I have seen while having these yard sales my entire life).

B. They are the ugliest things on the planet anyway, so even if I try to stick them out front for some cheap Joe Schmoe to walk in and buy off a table for $1.00, I still don't get any of my money back!

C. I went through all of the hallucinations of seeing pink elephants instead of orange contruction barrells, and the dizziness, headaches, high feelings FOR NOTHING!

That's all for now. Hey Nem, I will make that shirt for you and send it off as soon as I can. You may have to realize that my "as soon as possible" could take a while, but I will try!


jaime said...

I can't believe you went through all of the hallucinations and crap (yes, I did say crap...see blog of Miss Nemesis) for NOTHING! Plus, is it really going to come out of your paycheck? This is not very good news you have given us today. I'm a little bit sad for your situation. Oh, well...what're you going to do? Oh, and good luck tonight with the restaurant. Thai food sounds good right now. MMMMM...Thai Food!

kristen said...

Don't think of it as a total waste. At least you got high, legally. So if you need a quick buzz, you'll know what to do. (j/k) I hope the mistake doesn't come out of your paycheck.