Tuesday, November 08, 2005


After reading a post on my friend Nemesis's blog, I decided to do the same, so I could brag a little too. Not that it is completely fair, because Easton is a boy and Savvybaby is obviously a cute little girl. I kinda like the match, what do you think?

On a different subject, I am Sous Chef this week in the restaurant. That means that I am pretty much in charge, other than the fact that Chef will be there and he is really in charge. I guess that just means I am second in command! Today was dumb, just for the fact that I sat on my butt and just did dishes pretty much. Things won't really pick up until tomorrow which is just me prepping out a banquet mostly by myself, and then normal stuff in the restaurant on Thursday and Friday.

Just an FYI for those who may be interested, it is Japanese week. Being Sous Chef is kind of a busy and yet scary thing at the same time. If stuff goes wrong, I am partly to blame. I don't anticipate anything happening like that because we are usually on the ball, but the thought still scares the crap outta me! I guess this job is kind of a privelage. We only have this week and next left in the restaurant. We had to cancel our last week in November because we have too many parties to cater. We found out today, that some guy who schedules events for the McKay Events Center forgot to put some parties on the calander, so our catering manager was quite schocked when they called to confirm their menu choices. That just means that we have nine parties in only three days. NO PROBLEM!


Antonio Hicks said...

I was just browsing various blogs as I was doing a search on the word poster, and I just wanted to say that I really like what you've done with your blog, even though it wasn't particularly related to what I searched for. I appreciate your postings, and your blog is a good example of how a blog should be done. I've only just recently started a Posters website - feel free to visit it when you get a chance if you wish. Much success, antonio.

Savvymom said...

He's cute. And he has TONS of hair!

jaime said...

Easton is soooo cute. I really think there could be a Savvy/Easton match sometime very, very long off in the future. They're cuties!

Best of luck to you in the restaurant this week. You'll be awesome at second in command. Let me know how it goes.

And...good luck with all those parties. So what you are saying is that I won't be seeing you much in December!

kristen said...

While your nephew is cute, I'm still biased toward my nephews (as are most people, right?). Too bad I don't have a blog or they'd be up there.

Just think, after December you can finally breathe! Best of luck with everything. We'll have to do something again sometime soon. There's lots of movies coming out I want to see. :)

Stupidramblings said...

Don't you mean Souix Chief?

And how does culinary school make you an Native American?

Anyway I'd like to take this time to tell you that I don't care about nieces or nephews; I'd rather talk about our fore-parents and make the following proclamation:

"My grandma is cuter than yours."

PS Relevant foodie word verification: 'lmBLT.'

jaime said...

To quote your words to Streets, "Where are the posts?????" :)

kristen said...

Alright dude......it's time for a new post!!!