Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dumped On

Ok, so there comes a point when you just hit rock bottom with your current situation. One comes to a crossroads where more than anything she knows what she needs to do, but doesn't have the ability or power to actually make it happen. Does anyone know how to get lots of money so I can pay my tuition to finish one more semester of school and pay off my loans as well? CUZ I NEED TO GET THE HECK OUTTA HERE!

Since this post isn't meant to be depressing or anything, as I am a tad frustrated right now, there is one bright spot in the whole thing. I am not home nearly as much anymore to recieve half of the blows I normally do! YEAH!


jaime said...

I'm sorry things are so crappy at home right now. I'll keep thinking on those ideas of how to get you outta there. In the meantime, you can come camp out at my place anytime. :) Hang in there!

shameonyou said...

As soon as I saw the title I knew what that entry was going to be about!! I have heard this particular venting on more then one occassion in the 15 years I have know you lol. All I have to say is you can come over and hang out with me anytime you want. You just need to get over that deep-seated fear of my boyfriend. Don't worry, its not like you smell like bacon or anything. Well... not usually anyway lol. Besides, he's like a dog, he likes anyone who brings him stuff to eat :) Don't give up Girly!! Its not long now!!!

kristen said...

Hey, I see the cat now! At least it's just sitting there and not doing anything sneaky.

Sorry that life sucks for you right now. I'd invite you over to my place, but's not ready yet. I hope you figure something out soon.

I commented on Nem's blog about going to Europe (when I should be commenting on your blog)--I am totally interested.