Monday, November 28, 2005

The New Pride & Predjudice

Ok, since I hadn't completely ::hanging head in shame:: seen the BBC version all the way through, nor had I ::hanging head deeper in shame:: read the Jane Austen novel before my friend Jamie begged me to go see this movie, I didn't have much on which to base this new production. I heard from both Streets & Nemesis that even though it will never replace the BBC version, it was still very good. Normally, I can't completely trust anyone else's criticism about movies unless a good number of them say it is crap or otherwise, good. So when these two lovely ladies both, among others, said the new version of the film was good, I figured I could see it and be alright.

You have yet to hear the best part of it all though! I went, I saw it, I loved it, ::lifting head up slightly:: ate turkey, (the next day) giant photo of me on the front page of a newspaper section, cleaned my room, (that actually took place over the two days following Thanksgiving) and did all my laundry while watching the last five and a half hours of the BBC version on the Biography channel!!! (I missed the first little bit because I happend to be looking for a movie to watch on Direct TV after deciding my laundry needed to be done before my room could be completely finished) ::head is slowly lifting back up to normal, upright position::

The funny part was that the washing machine apparently had a heart attack because it hadn't seen so much dirty laundry at one time! (Note to readers, I did not cram everything I own into the washing machine at the same time. They were normal size batches, it just so happens that there were quite a few normal size batches). The [water] hose broke and flooded the laundry room with about two gallons or more of water. I noticed it during a commercial when I went to check on the status of my current load in the washer. I quickly informed my mom who along with my grandpa, came down to see what the heck was going on. Grandpa being the fix-it-man that he is, pulled out the dryer to see if he could get to the washer and figure out the problem. I was just standing there, so I sneaked back upstairs to watch the show some more and continued to check on the progress of the situation with my mom and grandpa during the commercials! I think I am officially hooked! P&P party anyone?


kristen said...

I am so jealous!! I still need to see that movie. Are you interested in seeing it again?

I just watched the BBC version yesterday. Being that I was sick and did not make it to church (and was too tired to do anything else), I figured I could spend my day with P&P. Doesn't Colin Firth make the best Darcy?!

Sorry about your laundry accident. You need to be more careful next time. :)

jaime said...

I want to go see it again, Kristen!! Pick me, pick me!!!!! (raising hand high in the air much like Hermione in Harry Potter)

Oh, yeah...foodie, sorry that you had problems washing ALL of your clothes. But, I must say that your room looks amazing...there actually is carpet in there. :) Go you!!

shameonyou said...

I decided long ago that I could be very happy dividing my time between staying at Pemberly with Mister Darcy (Colin Firth as such) and the rest of my time with Knightly (Jeremy Northam) in his digs at Donwell Abbey. There is certainly no need to fight over me. We can work it out.

However... If Willoughby hadn't turned out so shallow, I would not have protested to spending my weekends running my fingers through Greg Wise's penniless curls. ::sigh::

...and then I realized that if I kept all of this highly romantisized crap up I would never catch and be happy with a REAL man lol.

Now as far as laundery is concerned.... whats that? I have my servants attend to the laundery.

Nemesis said...

Yay, I'm so happy that you've had your first P&P experiences! Now you are truly one of us.

Also, shameonyou, I just about died laughing at your comment. Also my face started to feel flushed and the thought of having ALL the hot Austen men at my disposal, and I had to go splash cold water on mt cheeks.

kristen said...

ok. So foodie and Jaime were so gracious to come see P&P again with me. I have to say that it was wonderful. But as great as it was, it cannot replace the 1995 version--because, well, that's just not replaceable.

I agree w/ shameonyou--I could definitely spend my days as the mistress of Pemberly (yeah baby!).

jaime said...

Oh, Foodie, where are you? Foodie? We haven't heard from you in a very long time. Bring on those posts!!! :)

kristen said...

I must add to Jaime's sentiments: Oh foodie where art thou?!

kristen said...

ok dude--it's been nearly a month, and you are done with the semester; so you should have plenty of time to do a new post. I just miss those words of wisdom!!

jaime said...

Foodie, we talked about a specific topic for your next post, and you said to look for it in a day or two. Well, it's been at least that, so where is the post? Come on already! :)