Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bunco Is Not Worth This Much Hassel!

A few months ago I joined a little game group my roommate belonged to called Bunco. I had played this dice game a couple of times before, and thought it might be fun. It is only once a month, and if nothing else you get a stupid $5 prize for just showing up (even though it cost $10 to play)!

Last month while I was in Mexico, three people out of our group quit. This game is pretty dependent upon having all 12 members of the group in attendance, so when the person who is the hostess for the month gets to be in charge of finding the subs. I am the hostess for this particular month. Not only did I struggle finding three subs, but a fourth called today and said she couldn't come either!

My philosophy then, is we are down four members, three subs were hard enough to find, now I had to BEG another friend and my mommy, both of whom didn't want to come in the first place! A stupid dice game is not worth having to find subs for the majority of your group every month. If we can't find people who are willing to commit to this every month, then what is the point of even having the game in the first place???

I understand things come up. I had surgery, went to Las Vegas for the football game, and went on a cruise to Vegas, but I told them an entire month in advance that those things were taking place, let alone the night before the game is supposed to take place!

GAH! I am so tempted to just quit this thing if it is going to be this freaking complicated!


Shamelessly said...

I was going to get all indignant with you and then I read you've missed it more then half the time you've been playing. My advice to you: Walk away!! You don't sound like you enjoy it all that much anyway. What were you thinking??? lol

Just me said...

Gambling? Are you paying money to play a game… hmmm interesting? I have been part of a Bunko group for a few years now, but everyone in the group brings a $15 gift based on a theme the hostess decides. Then we each walk away with the same amount we came with. The hostess decides the order the gifts are picked. Oh and if we are short someone and we don’t want to get a sub, that is the hostess choice. We have played 4 people short, no biggie, we are there more for the social time than the game. I am with sissy, walk away.