Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Calling In Heaven

Most people say they find their callings in life, and while I am still looking for mine, I've discovered what I want to be when I get to heaven. A Sniper Angel. You might be wondering what the crap, but hang with me, I will explain.

On Sunday during my second church meeting, I had a really hard time concentrating, and focusing on the lesson being taught. We as a ward were all combined into one room. By the time I made it into the room, my roommate and I were near the back of the room. With about a hundred people in this room, and being near the back of one of the dance rooms we met in, voices didn't exactly carry to my neck of the woods.

What makes my rambunctiousness more damnable is that the Stake President was the one teaching the lesson! I figure I will have to settle for being a good girl, but not quite good enough to go all the way. This way I can still have a job, and it in a way, punishes me for being a bad girl and will remind me for eternity what I did wrong.

Not a bad job if I can justify myself a little bit. A Sniper Angel will get to hover around church meetings and strike down those who are being naughty when they probably really need to learn the lesson being taught!


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BIRDEE--You're just jealous you weren't at that meeting with me, admit it!