Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I No Wanna Be Home...

My Mexican Vacation is officially over and I am not happy one bit about it! Needless to say I had a blast, and would turn around and go back right now if I could. I hate coming back to the real world where I have to clean up after myself, and actually have to pay for my food and drinks. What the crap is that about?! I have been tempted to take my soda card from the ship and walk into a Chevron and walk out with a free soda. What??? It doesn't work that way in the real world?! STUPID REAL WORLD!

Anyway, I working on a site where I can upload all of my pictures, so when I get that finished, I will have a fatty post with tons of pictures. For now though, I have scanned and uploaded my really expensive cruise photographer pictures on the two "formal dress" nights in the dining room.

Formal Night #1, Second Day on Ship: Me, Di Di, and Shameonyou21

Formal Night #2, Second to Last Day on Ship

Formal Night #2--We actually had these taken
by one of the thousand photographers on the ship!


Tavi Jones said...

WOW! You look hot! It looks like you guys had fun. Tavi

Shamelessly said...

Oh dearest friend... I only ask that you do not post anything where I look bloated. sick, ugly, fat... oh you know what? Anything where I don't look as good as those pics. Certainly nothing of me in a swimsuit. You know on second thought... just leave me out. LOL

FOODIE said...

Tavi-I didn't really feel all that tan when I came home, but after looking at these formal pics from when the cruise started, to the formal pics at the end...there is a bit of a difference!

Shamelessly-I am posting everything baby! Even that one "self portrait" of yours you forgot to delete! MA HA HA!