Friday, February 22, 2008

I Love The One-Eyed Man

Before you all freak out, I just want to say that it's true. The "One-Eyed Man from Park City" is the one who helps me get all those name brand clothes for real cheap! You have all heard me talk about him over the years I am sure of it!

I forgot to mention in one of my "Pros" from the game the other night that I scored a sweet new t-shirt. I just called up my long time "friend" and luckily he had a cute little white t-shirt (in my size can you believe it) just lying around, and pushed off to the side. The front had the word "Cougars" in navy writing, in a script font with one of those baseball looking tails on it. It also had at the end of the tail an oval "Y" logo which you see on the football helmets. On the high back it had a small little "BYU" just under the neck line--also in navy writing. To top it all off, both logos had a "washed" look to them, so they looked kind of faded and worn! SO CUTE! I have attached a rough sketch at the bottom of this page of what it kinda looks like!

What luck! I never have that kind of luck with clothes. I also forgot to mention that he was passing right by my work when I got the idea that I wanted to wear some "Cougar Gear" to the game. He pulled over right in front, I walked out the door and he found me a shirt. The ONLY one of its kind!

Nats was jealous cause she secretly wanted one too. She hid her excitement by asking if I knew if my "friend" had any Utah apparel. I told her I would ask, but he might charge her more because of the fact that she claims the UofU as her school and he is a long time BYU fan!!!

Do you have any friends that give you the hook-ups like this???


Shamelessly said...

I remember long long ago back when we first met the one-eyed man in Park City. I think at that time he got us all slightly crooked polo hats. We were soooo cool lol. Oh I shudder to think of it! The one-eyed man tho, he's good people!

However... I do have to say that for those who maybe aren't as familiar with the one eyed man as you and I are it might be a bit confusing.

kristen said...

How many times have we been to Park City and you've never mentioned the 'one-eyed man'?

And hello! Remember those Gap jeans you scored for like $5? Yeah, I was totally jealous....still am; only because I LOVE me a good deal.

I don't have many connections. I did get to go to the big New Year's Eve Barbara Streisand concert in 2000 at the MGM Grand for free. Yeah, I got hooked up.

Kristeee said...

Wow, I've never heard of the one eyed man either. Interesting, though - I should find myself one. :)

And the shirt is way cute. I noticed it today. Go you and your hookups!

Shamelessly said...

You better explain your connection is yourself!