Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pros and Cons

As I mentioned in my previous post, I went to a very important basketball game last night. Important because it gives one team certain bragging rights until the next meeting. Of course, but not in as dramatic fashion as the football team, BYU prevailed over UTAH 67-59 in what was a close, exciting game that came down to the last minute of play, in what was an extremely loud arena.

I remember when I was little, I used to go to the games with my Dad. Then I would feel all important when I would go with him as he refereed the games too, cause I could go in all the back tunnels, and get a VIP treatment from the staff who were told to just keep an eye on me so I didn't wander off. Some of my favorite memories are going refereeing with him. The early years while sitting in the stands listening to everyone yell bad things at my Dad, I would start to get kind of defensive within myself like, "Hey stop yelling at my Dad!"

Anyway, needless to say it had been a very long time since I had been to the Marriott Center, and therefore didn't remember or realize how loud it really was. My Dad gave us some trivia last night, in that BYU has the 2nd largest basketball arena in the country, with Kentucky being number 1. Who-duh-thunk-it?!

Here are some pros and cons about our experience last night:

  1. Bench Seats (no chair back)
  2. The Creamery's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream only had TWO chunks of cookie dough. What the crap! I gave my dad the cookies and cream one cause I thought the cookie dough sounded better...DOH!
  3. Dumb lady behind me kept hitting me with her rally towell, and kept saying jibberish about the game in which she had no clue about.
  4. BYU didn't blow out UTAH.
  5. Nats wasn't cheering for the right team!
  6. Parking too far away for sweet old G-Pa.
  7. Having to drive back to my parents to get my car, to drive back to my apt that is five minutes away from the Marriott Center.
  1. Free tickets (Given to us by a member of the Athletic Dept.)
  2. 10th row free tickets
  3. Free Ice Cream and Drink (My Daddy paid for these!)
  4. Free Rally Towell (A Blue towell that the gave everyone in the first 20 rows to wave around and cheer with) I told Nats I was going to screen print the score on them and hang em up on our wall in the apt...although I probably wont though, just to be nice.
  5. Nats dressed in blue. (She had her UofU t-shirt on underneath her sweatshirt)
  6. Nats having to struggle to keep her emotions in check, fearing she would be mauled by the sea of fans dressed in blue on all sides of us. She had a few outbursts that she couldn't control, but I just giggled.
  7. The Company (Grandpa Keetch, Dad, Friend)
  8. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup at my Momma's house before the game.
  9. The Cougars WON!
  10. G-Pa had tons of fun! He doesn't like to get out much, fight crowds of people, and think that he is burdening us who want him to have fun. He is a MAJOR fan, and so it is only natural he had fun.
  11. Saw "Church Celebrity" Sheri Dew. Grandpa also thought that was pretty cool. We almost rode the elevator with her, but she changed her mind last minute and took the stairs.
  12. BYU didn't blow out their opponent. This made for an exciting game. Probably would have been pretty boring had one team completely dominated the other.


Kristeee said...

You didn't even mention the band as one of the pros. How sad. Everyone knows that games are so much better with the band. :)

Glad you had a fun time, and even gladder that my Cougars won! Go Cougs!

FOODIE said...

Kristee-Sorry about that. I forget about the band! That was a pro, because then I really could sing "Rise and Shout..." and bump Nats to sing along!

Birdee said...

So, I have to say I am DEEPLY impressed by this wave of postseses! Touche!

kristen said...

Cookie dough ice cream w/o the cookie dough is messed up. That would ruin my night.

If I saw Sheri Dew at a game I probably would have run up to her like an idiot saying "I love you Sheri! Can I have a picture with you?" Yeah. Never mind that I've seen her speak a number of times.